Mali Coup: Nigeria Flexes Muscles, Demands Immediate Release of Detained Leaders

The Buhari administration has started to flex muscles with the Malian coupists, an indication that Nigeria is likely to mobilise a region force to neutralise the military intervention.

In the interim, while Abuja has strongly condemned the detention of interim Malian President, Bah Ndaw, and Prime Minister Moctar Ouane, it has also asked for their immediate and unconditional freedom.

Both leaders are said to be detained by soldiers from the Kati Military Camp, near the capital, Bamako on Monday.

Spokesperson for Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ferdinand Nwoye, in a statement says the Buhari administration described the action as totally unacceptable.

The statement said the action might derail the peace-building efforts and timetable for the return of democratic governance in Mali.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria, therefore, calls for the immediate and unconditional release of the President and Prime Minister.

“The key actors of the condemnable act should be aware of the fact that stakeholders in the region and friends of Mali reject any act of coercion of the detained officials, including forced resignations”, the statement says.


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