Residents of Abuja have always bemoaned the harsh weather conditions at the start of the year and at most times during the day. This has led a lot of us to throw caution out the window in the way we live and go about our activities. I still recollect the sigh of relief and shouts of gratitude when the first downpour was witnessed. Most readers will bear witness to the fact that they have disregarded heating up water when they want to shower instead, they opt for a cool water bath but times are changing as the rains are fast approaching.

Every evening for the past 3 days in Abuja, it has been raining with visibility for both air travelers and motorists constantly being threatened. Now that the weather is gradually moving from extremely hot to moderately cool, here are some little but important tips to guide you as you move about your daily activities in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

  1. Always Close Your Windows Before Heading Out Every Morning

I know for a fact that most of us are always in a hurry to get to our various places of work on time every morning but now that the rains are here, it is important to always close your room/house windows before leaving to avoid….. You already know what I am talking about.

  1. Endeavour To Carry A Small Umbrella Wherever You Go

Most Nigerians kick against this point but it is important to note that it is better to be prepared for the rains than get beat by it and end up spending quite a lot on hospital bills and medications. Thank God for technology and emerging innovations that have created foldable and portable umbrellas that can be carried anywhere easily. This will always come in handy now that the rains are here.

  1. If Possible, Always Go Out With A Pair of Flip-flops (Slippers)

I know most ladies are accustomed to this practice already so I will just focus on the guys. I know guys hardly go around with slippers but now that the rains are here, it is advisable that a pair of flip-flops (slippers) be put in your bag or car for when the rains come pouring. Wearing flip-flops during the rainy season will help you preserve the quality of your shoes and palms slippers or better still, you can get one of those rubber sandals popularly known as “crocs”. They are easy to wear and readily affordable.

  1. Stay Indoors Where Necessary Especially Those That Drive

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, the presence of heavy rainfall brings about poor visibility to motorists and airline operators. So, in other to avoid road accidents and mishaps, where necessary; try and stay indoors when it is raining heavily. Ever outing except if extremely important can always be rescheduled once the rains come pouring.

  1. Always Try To Keep Warm and Protected At Night

The blessings of the rain also come with some disadvantages. Many of you reading this will agree with me that when it rains, mosquitoes are always out and about. Now the rains are here, it is important to always keep warm by wearing clothes made from cotton and make use of blankets and duvets while going to bed. Also, constantly make use of insecticides to treat your rooms and places of abode. It is only a healthy man/woman that appreciates the comfort and cool feeling the rains bring.

  1. Be Grateful To God For The Showers Of Blessing

There is nothing more glorifying to God than being grateful for the showers of blessing He sent down on His creations on Earth. Even though the rains get to disrupt some of our programs and outings, it is imperative that we are grateful to our maker for His kindness to mankind. If there were no rains in the world, I do not think human beings will be in existence.

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