Lux Terra Hosts “Re-parenting & Mentoring for a Life of Integrity” Workshop

Fr George Ehusani and Dr Okey Ikechukwu

Lux Terra Hosts “Re-parenting & Mentoring for a Life of Integrity” Workshop

The Lux Terra Leadership Foundation on Tuesday January 11, 2022, held a full day training programme for 240 teachers of the College of Immaculate Conception, Enugu, on the Challenge of Re-parenting and Mentoring of Young People Today in a Life of Meaning, Purpose and Integrity.

Facilitated by Fr George Ehusani and Dr Okey Ikechukwu, the Workshop was aimed at equipping the staff of the school with tools and strategies for meeting the challenge of youth formation in our day. C.I.C. is one of the largest secondary schools in Enugu State, with about 1,600 students that are superintended by 260 staff members.

Among the core values around which the staff were challenged to mentor the students – if they are to attain a life of meaning and integrity, are: Discipline & Deferred Gratification, Truth & Honesty, Justice & Fairness, as well as Responsibility & Excellence.

The Workshop was an occasion to celebrate the teaching profession and encourage the teachers to recognise themselves among those contributing the most to human civilisation and nation building, as they form the present and future generations in character and learning.

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