Loving during the COVID-19 pandemic

Love they say is the beauty of life, love lost can cause untold pain but love in the midst of crisis, in the height of a pandemic, remains an enigma that can lead to a conundrum if badly managed.

The mantra that has taken the streets is that of social distancing and staying safe indoors while the scourge of the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected so many countries, is battled and contained.

A lot of countries are experiencing a partial to total lockdown, immensely affecting movements as well as the economy!

Global economies are shaky with continual job losses in the growing pandemic. People are struggling to stay afloat and an emerging economy like that of Nigeria isn’t cut off from her own share of the struggle.

How does one keep love alive while trying to survive? How does one maintain a relationship with family and friends while trying to keep afloat with depleting resources as the scourge persists? How does one keep the romance alive in the midst of a life-threatening virus? How does one maintain social distancing from loved ones?

Love is beautiful as I have earlier pointed out but self-preservation trumps them all. You can’t love if you haven’t lived, can you? A dead man or woman knows no love. As the scourge persists and as we patiently wait for viable medical interventions by way of cure or vaccines, let’s keep safe and follow all guidelines made available by the WHO.

Stay safe and stay indoors IF you have nothing very essential to do outside as some states in Nigeria have started relaxing the lockdown measures.

Watch out for signs and symptoms within the family as families are encouraged to bond during this period. Do not allow LOVE to blind you into compromising yourself by flouting the safety guidelines and putting your life at risk when a loved one is infected.

Call the NCDC toll free lines in your state if there are any real concerns around you within this period!

And for that loved one who is not living with you and in another state, do call them up from time to time to know how they are doing. A lot of people are not employed this period so we can show LOVE as well by sending them cash or by giving palliatives to people around by way of material items, to help them feed and cater to themselves during this trying period.

Love still but love yourself more. Be safe, wash your hands regularly, wear a face mask and don’t forget to maintain a one-meter distance from one another.

Katchy Ohiaeri is an author and a social critic who lives in the FCT. Email: onyekachiohiaeri@yahoo.com

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