Love Can Capture Money But Money Cannot Capture Love

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Love is a beautiful cure for all evils while money can be the root of all evils. Humans live and survive on love by amicable relationships to sustain civil societies. Others prefer a miserable life with money than a happy life without money because they think it is much easier to buy happiness with money. They do not believe those lottery winners that wished they could go back to what they were, because they became miserable with their money.

Unfortunately, it is also true of countries whose problem is how to spend income from natural resources and endowment that became a curse, not how to make money. Once brotherly love, caring as one another’s keeper are missing in our cultures, the race to the bottom is in sight. So brothers and sisters destroy one another for money. Opportunists seize on people’s greed for money to demand what was an abomination some years before.

If love is so overwhelmingly powerful, those whose preference is money are missing out bigtime on other privileges. It does not make sense to depend on the power of money when love can capture much more, including money itself. We fail to realize that money is only a means of exchange that is worthless on its own as demonstrated by superi-inflation. Indeed people in small cities, towns and villages became happier when they fell back on trade by batter in the 21st century!

This has been demonstrated in hyperinflation countries that have over extended themselves. We should accumulate wealth from what we can produce, not by what we wish to acquire. Take a little kid to the candy store, he wants everything paid for by his parents because he has developed an entitlement mentality in his parents that they have the responsibility to cater for him if they loved him.

The problem with an individual, a family and a country starts from home. If love without conditions, rewards or loyalty out of duty are not instilled earlier; the love of money fills the vacuum that drives acquisition of immaterial products which depreciate in values. Some of these children have become disappointed because they think at least one of the parents should be able to meet more of their wants after giving them all they needed.

Otherwise that parent is stingy. But the children that are matured enough to get a skill, stay in school or start a business become self-sufficient because they were not expecting manna from heaven. Anything they get from their country or parents becomes an additional blessing. Papa and Mama may have, God bless the child that has her own. Love can buy money but you cannot buy love with money. There is very little love cannot buy.

People forget how happy we were when children were resourceful making their toys locally. Most of these toys have disappeared due to lack of local imagination since big boys can easily import their toys. The difference between (men’s) big boys and children’s toys is the size of their shoes and price of their toys.

One of the surprising tangibles love can capture is character. As long as a desirable character remains, love is durable as in old friendships, not necessarily marriage or between opposite sex. This type of character may come in the form of trust. We find this in long term employees or employers. If you love your job, you probably love the people and the environment. Haven’t you seen old people taking unpaid positions at their old job or the job they wish they had?

Some of us do not realize there are those willing to starve to death to gain power rather than gain money as in North Korea. So are those willing to fight eternally for religion rather than money because they believe the reward is greater in heaven or as in Afghanistan. These days if you do not have money printed in Europe or America, your money may turn out to be less valuable than toilet paper. These are the only places you can spend Euros, pounds and American dollars.

Your love for money in your local currency cannot even buy one tenth as much as these foreign currencies. So, when we talk about money, we have to explain where the money is printed. Money you have to kill for is not yours. The only money you earn through what you produce and locally dictate the price for international market, is the one that stays with you. Otherwise, you have to sell all the properties and resources you have to keep up.

When you hear that most of the money Americans and Europeans spend in foreign countries do not even leave their countries because only European and American contractors can get the money to buy American and European goods and services, you may understand that your local markets are only good as suppliers of raw materials. If your raw materials are bought for a dollar and the finished products are sold back to you for a hundred dollars, you have little left.

So what good is the foreign money you worship? Sooner than later, your resources would be exhausted. We already know that the love of money drives people crazy. It is an obsession like that of an addict to acquire recklessly no matter whose ox is gored. We can call it obsession, infatuation or compulsion to differentiate it from love but it drives you crazy the same way as being in love with foreign exploiters’ money, if she or he doesn’t love you back.

Love can be more attractive than money because no matter what, love can sustain and fulfill our desires. Of course, it can be argued that love would dry up without money. But money is only one of the characteristics that love can capture. It could be the swagger, the bad girl or boy image, the look or the way he or she looks that is so attractive and “fanimorous”; not the money that lost the competition.

The person or people that hold love that is desired are not necessarily the ones with money or power. Yet, most are willing to trade their money for one or the other. You must have heard about trade by batter. It can be so intense, jealous humans, facing the threat or possibility of being displaced from a loved one can also kill. Can you trade your love for money, power, companion, escort, security or peace of mind?

Indeed, men have come out openly asking to be loved, if not for him, love him for his money. So women and toy boys have used their promised love to capture moneybags who want to be loved. It is a miserable day in hell if you cannot get anyone to love you for either your money or for what you are.


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