Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Prince Charles Dickson


When the glory of the “God” of good leadership departs, the people perish. Chris Kwaja PhD

So it’s now Value Added Tax VAT, everyone is an expert on taxation, the tempo has again increased on the need to restructure, we again are back to the fact we cannot continue like this, that all is not well, and that good governance is far from us. All the agitations is a mirror of the fact that citizenry look up to no one, to others it is Mazi Nnamdi Kalu, for others Sunday Igboho, there’s a cacophony of voices, on Monday it’s Miyetti Allah, Tuesday, Ortom, Wednesday, MURIC, Thursday CAN takes over. Wike is trending, there’s currently a tour ongoing in the UK with political gladiators visiting the personae.

For six years, we have moved from grazing, to RUGA, to Ranching, now it’s farm estates, we have dissipated energy discussing cows that we now act like one. With anti-grazing and grazing routes we are still a business running on deficit, no political will, no sense of leadership at getting anything done.

So, before the advent of this democracy many of us insisted that there was need for a Sovereign National Conference SNC, we faulted the structure, we saw the wind that today holds no good for us all, there was the school of thought that with years of military rule, all our ills would be cured with the coming of democracy. Alas, with our kind of democratic practice “the breeze has only exposed the buttocks of the fowl”. Yet of a truth between the Obasanjo and Goodluck era we did a caricature that is best captured in the manner below—

The National Conference by the Goodluck Jonathan administration had 94 delegates more than the number nominated into the defunct National Political Reform Conference, NPRC, convoked by former President Olusegun Obasanjo administration in 2005, it cost the Nigerian tax payers an extra N6 billion.

While 492 delegates were nominated to the National Conference, about 398 delegates attended Obasanjo’s NPRC.

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