How long is it going to take to restore and reset African’ mental slavery after the days of Herbert Macauley, Kwame Nkrumah, Albert Luthuli and other freedom fighters? It is apparent that colonial mentality has eaten deeper despite constant reminders by scholars of it’s injurious effect on our well-being and economic salvation. If African Youths abdicate lessons hidden in books after their studies, they become captives of other cultures looking for slaves. Tales of personal tragedy abroad are not a deterrent.

Even worse, are planted outsiders: Afrikaners in South Africa, Fulani in most West African countries to displace us from our God given land. Fulani, Arabs and Berbers see fat cash cows in the most populous African countries encouraging open borders. While most Africans have taken back their land, many still fight daily to retain the land they have had since the beginning of time. Planted Fulani and Afrikaners are not going to let go until the last drop of blood is spilled.

Africa remains the only continent still under occupation mentally. Out of arrogance of vestiges of slavery, France insulted African intelligence by flying cultural battles between French and English speaking West African countries to bar Kofi Annan for the United Nation Secretary General position. The French dismantled Guinea before they left. French diplomat André Lewin, ambassador to Guinea in 1975–1979, said: We left the Guineans with only their eyes to cry from.

Invaders of African land are usually vicious when they have no option than to leave. Haiti paid dearly as the Premier African Independent State. France overburdened them with frivolous claims of reverse “reparation”, penalties and taxes to make Independence unattractive while giving comfort to local leaders that aided and abetted oppression of their people. Haiti remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere as punishment and deterrent to other Blacks.

The regime changes in Libya, Congo and South America directly or through mercenaries was to send clear messages that they are the ones in charge. Otherwise, the consequences could be unbearable. So, when the Zimbabweans got tired of empty promises, the British reduced Zimbabwe dollar to toilet paper after postponing, changing and refusing to hand the land over to the rightful owners. African countries are either exploited into the Dark Ages or bled within.

Africans contributes more to their mental slavery today than Colonialism. We fight one another with the help of those that never wish us well in the first place. Domination of one Ethnic group by another is not new. What is new is the replacement of one religious Jihadist or Crusader by another using pastors and imams to open local franchise as business centers (Church and Mosque) on every street. While using Jihadists suicide bombing and Crusaders collateral damage as indistinguishable Terrorists.

Existential survival based on deprivation of immediate needs as food and shelter have metastasized into individual selfishness, greed and voracious acquisitions that have reduced masses in the land of milk and honey to unprecedented poverty never seen in Africa.  Aliens are changing hands by offering African countries the lesser of all evils. They give “softer” aids, cheaper loans or invade our land with terrorist religious fanatics without the love of God.

How can incomes from gold, diamond, oil, cobalt, uranium etc desired and utilized throughout the world plunge the highest income earners in African countries into mass poverty stricken people begging for religious and foreign salvation? Africans Youths are so desperate to get rich, they engage in drug peddling, 419, fraud, drugs and rituals for survival, aggrandizement as bragging rights. While leaders regale in income from natural resources and foreign loans.

The love of money and desire to make it by any means necessary sacrifices human lives by rituals, encouraging drug peddlers, white collar or hard crimes that have never benefited or lifted people out of poverty. Indeed, they have killed initiatives, morality, created gang rivalries, and discouraged hard work. Even worse is the propagation of crimes, destruction of the unborn generation and Youths’ sensibilities.

The Fulani in West Africa, like the Afrikaners in South, West and East Africa, have captured the Hausa in Nigeria and used them as Hausa-Fulani to increase their population exerting their grip on the country. Fulani do not build a country, they corner the spoils of wars. Their fighters are bandits plundering, looting, raping, murdering and destroying natives that mistakenly accept or accommodate them. It is why they encourage open borders to let other Fulani in.

More Hausa are boldly coming out recently on social media, in politics and religious bodies to fight and reclaim their heritage. From El Zakzaky to Abubakar Malumfashi, Ph.D. Hausa are not Mazagwu rebels as portrayed by Fulani but Hawusawa with diverse religious views. More importantly, as the practitioners of indigenous African religion. Fulani hold must be broken by the rescue of the native Hausa ethnic group.

It is difficult to live with parasites that want to be worshiped and glorified by those suffering from an inferiority complex. Idi Amin was crude but he gave others the choice of loyalty to Uganda or leave for the country they love. The British, Soviet under Russia and lately Americans were forced out of Afghanistan. Though Americans were despicably provoked, no power can bomb the hell out of countries that refuse to bow and accept their culture forever.

Boko Haram picks Nigerian Military leader Buhari whose father came from Niger, as their negotiator with the government of Nigeria. It is now clear that the attraction of Terrorism into Nigeria has connection at the very top of Government. The Nation Newspaper, November 2, 2012.

Before Buhari became the civilian President, he called for an end to fighting Boko Haram, the Terrorists destroying lives and properties of other ethnic groups in the Middle Belt; as offensive against the whole Northern Nigeria! Military Offensive Against Boko Haram, Anti-North – Buhari. All Africa News, June 3, 2013.

We must accept the fact that even at the horn of Africa around the Somali and Ethiopian regions, we are not free of internal struggle for suzerainty. As long as old Colonial Powers entrenched their people within African countries, they will sell us to their kin. While Africans overseas are begging for leaders that can change their countries back to sanity so that they can return home; Youths are giving up, looking for ways to exit and join them overseas; ignoring their tales of ill-treatment.


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