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Letter to Her Excellency the First Lady, on ‘Aisha Buhari female football cup’

Nigeria's First Lady, Aisha Buhari


Greetings, Your Excellency, the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mrs. Aisha Buhari.

Permit me madam, to skip all protocols and pleasantries  for the matter at hand is a serious one and I mean ‘serious’  in capital letters,  underlined, although most people are likely to mock me over it with not a few viewing me as having gone nuts somehow. But in this our perverted world of today I am prepared to bear all the mockery, darts and even insults that would be thrown at me for relating the Truth; bitter and unpalatable as the truth may be, it remains unvarnished, and though many people may not readily grasp what I am saying in this letter, they would grasp it when they reflect on it quietly or at a later date as time goes by.

I shall be blunt Your Excellency, the First Lady  by stating straight away that the purpose of this missive is to urge you to withdraw your sponsorship/support of the female football competition tagged, ‘Aisha Buhari Cup’ because of its dire negative consequences, both physical and spiritual.  Enablers of female football in whatever form or measure are equally guilty before the inexorable Laws of God which bear His Will. Those of us who wittingly or unwittingly are aiding and abetting female football are in effect distorting the ordained order in Creation which is equal to disobedience.

And every disobedience of His Will results to failure, disaster unless we retrace our steps before it becomes too late to do so. Ma, as wife of the president/commander-in-chief of the armed forces you stand in a prime leadership position   as the First Lady, that is, the first before other ladies that ordinarily follow you, the mother of the nation. Thus, your duty/responsibility is to be a role model to women of all ages, to lead women aright, to engender in women true womanhood in which is anchored the virtue of purity and nobility. Therefore, your Excellency, you are to ensure that women/ladies of all ages remain true to their womanly calling, ultimately to lead or point to them the path that leads to ascent not downwards to the nether regions.

The name ‘woman’ is one of honour. Today however, we have debased and dishonored this name through our unwomanly activities and conduct.  Therewith, we have brought into being, caricatures of human beings who are neither here nor there, neither a man nor a woman in the true sense of the word. Pure concepts have been distorted. Shame has disappeared from our dictionary. Yet the sense of shame remains the eternal yardstick for measuring the true inner worth of any individual. Today, walking about half naked in all places has become the new normal  euphemistically called fashion,  while dressing up in dignified long-knee apparel that does not expose any of our sensitive parts is considered old fashioned. When a man enters a place where there is a genuine woman he would instinctively smart up and want to ‘behave’.  A true man, gentleman in the true sense of the word would also instinctively feel nothing but a kind of ‘reverential’ respect towards a woman.   He senses without being able to fathom it, that a woman possesses a sacred gift which he should ‘protect’ for the benefit of all. Thoughtful people refer to aforementioned attitude of a man towards the female gender as the ‘mystery of woman’ while the rest of us loosely refer to it as feminine charm.

Indeed, woman is imbued with a gradation of power from above, Heaven (let us stick to this generally recognized term, although we now know that the Abode of God is far above Heaven). Thus women carry within them what can be termed ‘a thread of substantiality’ from high above.  Men no longer have this because their masculine, hard, positive, hardened, coarse kind of activities had eroded it. Woman still retains it because her light, feminine, finer, negative, kinds of activities which are dictated by her physical make-up are still somehow,  (for want of a better expression), in ‘harmony’ with lighter regions above from where issues that ‘thread of substantiality’. Therefore, ladies that engage in masculine, coarse, positive, hard types of activities such as football would also overtime lose this ‘thread of substantiality’ in them. Among the consequences of this are difficult births and infertility.

It is  not true that what a man can do a woman can do and vice versa. None can excel in the other’s sphere of activity. The kinds of activities which each should undertake has been clearly marked out by Nature through the shaping of their physical body – man with a muscular physique and woman with a supple one, so shaped to ensure that woman retains  the ‘thread of substantiality’ that makes her peculiarly woman.  Thus, even if a man were to possess all the organs of reproduction, he cannot attract a human spirit that can then incarnate into him and be born.  In other words, a man can never ever give birth to a human being even if the world’s most talented scientists were to fashion out reproductive organs, including a womb for the man. This is because only a woman through the thread of substantiality in her,  is endowed with a ‘bridge’  so to speak, through which a human spirit can be attracted to her and incarnate in her womb. The incarnation takes place in the middle of pregnancy when the woman experiences the first twitches or movements of the foetus indicating that the particular human spirit which was hitherto hovering around her has entered into the little physical body growing inside her, to animate it.

Also, we would notice that girls/ladies/women engaged in masculine activities such as football among others, have generally, male features and overtime they become distorted souls. There are two levels here – those tending towards distortion and already distorted souls.  Distorted female souls are people with male physical bodies in which are female souls. Here there is a mismatch in that whereas the person physically is a male, its fundamental core , the soul is female. Those females tending towards distortion would in future incarnate as males with female souls. The reverse also obtains for men engaging wholesale in feminine types of activities over a long period of time; we have distorting and already distorted male souls, that is, females with male souls, etc. Distorted souls of either sexes or those tending towards distortion in both genders, exhibit lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender manifestations, among others. Needless to state that these are caricatures.

Your Excellency, the First Lady ma, in humility but with all the strength I can muster, I urge you to discontinue the ‘Aisha Buhari female football tournament’. The Nigeria Football Association should abolish female football in all categories, for it leads girls unto the path of perdition. You may redirect your sponsorship ma, to areas that would strengthen womanly activities including female education as well as help women fulfill their God-ordained task in Creation which is to be a beacon of Light to their societies through quiet, silent working, a task that most of us have since shunned through loss of the most precious gift in us via vainglorious vanity and imitating men in all ramifications. And yet, a woman can never, ever be a man, no matter what.

Accept the assurances of my warm regards Your Excellency, ma. I am Victoria Ngozi Ikeano.


Victoria Ngozi Ikeano 06033077519

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