Let this world war break: Anything to live for?

Jarlath Opara

Jarlath Opara


Life is becoming too cruel, Poverty everywhere, pains and deprivation at the center stage of ones life. 

We wake in the morning, looking forward to a better day and opportunity, we come back stressed and worn out, worse than we went out.  

Each time it happens we hoped and hoped, thinking it would be better the next day. Like a tour round a maze, it seems more difficult by day and like a walk around a vicious circle the story remains the same, even much more worse. 

Churches everywhere! Mosques at every corner, preachers growing by day with miracles, signs and wonders, yet corruption, rituals and man’ inhumanity to man ,grow by leaps and bound, erasing every hope for a better future.

Since I was born and now growing older, the story has been the same, tomorrow will be better!

 When will this tomorrow come? The tomorrow that would be better not the years gone tomorrow that seemed worse than the yesterday. 

The drive is hard, the stretch is intensive, the pains by day get more painful , almost at the breaking point , a place where our elasticity of hope would snap and the centre falls into shreds. 

 We are almost there ! People are hoping on hopless future, running towards an end that is endless, clutching around God that “seems silent at the face of disaster”

Is he really the God we are made to understand? With all powers, all might, who roars and the earth quakes, who has no beginning nor an end, whose eyes roam around, beaming light and making clear all shades of secrecy? Is that the God we hope to see face to face at the end of our sojourn in this passing and most cruel world?

Life has become too common and the sound of gun and the shelling of bullets , sending many to their early grave. What is life for? Living has lost its essence, blood like a common water, nothing sacred, nothing to be afraid of .

 The old kill, the young kill too, all looking for the easiest way to good life , seeking and pursuing riches with the very power and strength equal to a vampire. 

Let this world end! Let the world powers let loose their weapons of mass destruction. The world has lost its beauty, the peace gone, love reduced to hate , nothing to keep hope alive. 

Let Putin set this world ablaze, let Russia lead in this war of mass destruction, what are we living for? To watch humans turn to animals, eat their shit, drink their urine, kill their loved ones just to make money? 

Let this world come to an end! Our sanity is gone, our humanity is no more and our spirituality more of a scam than a path towards finding God. 

Let this world come to an end. Let Putin release this biological weapon of mass destruction. Let us have a test of it . Why live? What is the essence of our life? Let this world end! It has lost its joy and the drive to continue to live lost in the rubbish and stinks of human selfishness. 

Ahead! Ahead!!Ahead!!! Putin, challenges the USA, dare the UK, spite the Chinese, stand on the dignity and freedom of all , bestride the global peace like a colossus you are and dare anyone that flounce their powers around your imperial majesty and make a hot ash of them. 

You are now the new god! The Nebuchadnezzar of our time, the Hitler of our generation and the Herod of our era. 

Crush Ukrainians, decimate any opposing voice and turn the universe into your foot stool. You think you are wise!

You are now the new god, Putin ! Placing the peace of this world in a ballance. At your presence the world shivers, what really do you want? The leader of world powers?What do you set to achieve? Killing innocent Ukrainians and make life unbearable for them,?  

You think you are wise Putin? Enjoy the fame, relish the attention, the end may be hazy, surely it must come. 

God may be silent, His words and commands are loud for those whose ears are open. 

He may be late in coming, but when he comes , the wrongs, the ills, and the cruelty in his world would come to an end. 

I cry for Ukrainians! You are free but not free. Independent but still in chains. As I cry for you Ukrainians ,my Biafra will never suffer your fate. Biafra will go at an appointed time and there would be no Putin, no Biden, Boris etc to make hell of our sovereignty.

As for you Putin, as for you Biden, as for you Boris Johnson and as for you all the interest parties making Ukraine a boiling spot and the world a fiddle in your hand for your selfish socio-political and economic manipulations, there is still that God that turned Nebuchadnezzar into a beast , by the corner watching. He is patient, slow to anger, but when he roars, the story may be unpleasant. 

Be calm Ukrainians! Be calm the world. The rage is on, the shelling is massive, dead bodies littering. This too will pass. Thank God they are just human, transient both in life and position occupied. Like Hitler, like Herod, like Pharaoh, like Nebuchadnezzar etc stories of their activities would be told someday. 

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