Let Court Decide On The Constitutional Right to Localized Policing Now

It is time for a multistate lawsuit against the Buhari Administration over State Police set up. The refusal of the federal government to approve State policing particularly hurt people living in various States.

When people of different localities can legally and securely access timely policing, it’s one of the safest protective procedures.

People of Non-Northern States overwhelmingly support localized police systems. This cultural perspective on the Constitution is important.

It’s up to the States— not the President or Inspector General of Police — to make fundamental decisions regarding policing. Times have changed.

For far too long the debate among citizens, State executives and movements of legislative bills for the establishment of State or local police has been a recurring matter with no ending. Yet,nothing has happened, and insecurity across all localities continues to worsen.

The Higher Court needs to look at where this issue goes. Especially when the Court’s role is to act as the “interpreter” of the Constitution.

It is time for the courts to tell us if the Constitution in its dynamic state protects State’s right to be able to provide its own security regarding policing its residents and properties, independent of the national government.

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