Lady to Reno Omokri “what is it with you and women”

818 views | Stanley Ugagbe | December 10, 2020

Self-acclaimed ‘Buhari Tormentor,’ Reno Omokri who was an aide to immediate past President, Goodluck Jonathan has been urged to discontinue his incessant talks about women.

The former aide who is currently on self-exile had on his Twitter page on Thursday urged women to stop telling men ‘you can’t afford me’.

He wrote:

“Dear women, before telling a man ‘you can’t afford me’, ask yourself whether you are a commodity to be bought. As long as you have a price, you are cheap! A girl should be priceless. Meaning no amount of cash can afford her. Be priceless, not expensive!

“A man should be able to afford a house or cars. Those are commodities. But a man should not be able to afford a woman. Women are not commodities. A woman who tells a man ‘you can’t afford me’, has turned herself to property and won’t be treated properly!”

Reacting to his post, a Nigerian lady with Twitter username @the_cheroyale questioned why he is always talking about women.

She wrote “Please sir what is it with you and women? Can you at least add some value to women with ideas or strategies to succeed? You have the platform to impact positively but you constantly use it for drags and laced insults”



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