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Ladies, When In A Relationship, Milk Your Man Financially – Is Tracey Boakye Really Making Sense With This Advise?

While I was strolling online yesterday night, a post caught my attention. In the post, a Ghanaian actress and producer, Tracey Boakye advised young single ladies to be smart, milk and gain financial benefits while in their relationships.

She made this known in her interview with Zion Felix on the “Uncut Show”. The actress emphasized that ladies should try as much as they can to milk any man they are dating. She actually went on and stressed on how people will never extend a helping hand to these ladies if they fail to make good use of their relationships.

When I read that post, the first thing that came to my mind was – “This is crazy”. Like how can I enter a relationship solely to milk my man dry financially? How does that make sense?

In this part of the world, we put so much pressure on young men; you are dating a guy and you expect him to take care of all your expenses. Is he your father? Even your father hardly takes care of all your expenses but you expect someone’s son to break the bank because he is dating you. Can’t you see how foolish that sounds?

What happened to empowering yourself? What happened to learning skills that would at least put food on your table? Is it just the man’s duty to carter for your needs? Is it just the man’s duty ti make money while you cross your legs and wait to milk him dry? He hustles hard, day and night to make ends meet and at least give you the little he can afford and you are not doing anything to help out. First of all, that is so amateurish and you don’t deserve to be in a relationship.

A relationship is like a team work – it is not your man’s duty to make everything happen. You have to contribute. Do something. He is not just the one that is supposed to make money, what happened to your hands and brain? Are they dead? C’mon! This mentality really has to end. You should go into a relationship because you love this guy and are willing to take your love story to the next level. That should be the main goal in a relationship and not just to go milk someone’s son dry.

That is why till today, I hardly date a guy because of how heavy his pocket is. I have had rich guys come ask me out and in as much as the heavy pocket is something that is very much tempting, I never say “yes” if I don’t see us being together – maybe your character sucks or we hold different values.

And again, another reason why you should never depend on your man for all your expenses is because in the long run, he might make you his puppet. He is at liberty to treat you anyhow. His respect for you diminishes. He doesn’t see you as a woman with value. And trust me that relationship would never last.

So, ladies, strive to make your own money – be your own boss and when a man comes, both of you can complement each other. Don’t listen to one celebrity asking you to milk your man dry.

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