Kenya: Crotch Lock Invented For Men After Several Women Chopped Off Husbands Genitals

498 views | Francis Azuka | July 22, 2021

Following a surge in the cases of wives severing their husbands’ manhood, an innovative Entrepreneur in Kenya has fabricated a crotch lock for men in the country to protect themselves.

According to a report by Kenya-based K24 TV, police had arrested several women in the town of Nyeri in central Kenya for chopping off their husband’s genital organs.

In view of the gruesome development, Barre Apiyo sprang into action and developed this innovative device called ‘Anti-Chopping gear’ to help fear-stricken men in Nyeri and other parts of the country to protect their engine.

The innovator said the anti-chopping gear is made of metal but fits perfectly and is seemingly comfortable to sleep and sit in.

In his words, this will protect men from getting their genitals chopped off in case they pick up an argument with their wives.

It should be noted that this crotch lock was developed sometime last year.


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