Jos Sex videos: Uncertainty hangs over multiple undiscovered cases

2128 views | Victor Gai | January 19, 2020

Traumatized actress laments ordeal
•One commits suicide over video shot three years ago
•Suspicion of multiple undiscovered cases hangs
More facts have emerged on the pornographic videos that have set the serene city of Jos on fire in the new year, even as there is the suspicion that there is more than meets the eye as far as the sex videos in the city are concerned.

Just into the new year, strange pornographic videos of local Jos girls have inundated the social media, spreading across the city like wild fire in the harmattan and whetting the appetite of sexual predators and the gullible.
As the videos spread, the identity of the ladies were being exposed which further accentuated the shock in the mostly conservative Jos community. As a result,  the matter became the subject of discussion in the social media, beer parlours, homes and even in worship centres.
Reports have however emerged in which, one out of the five actresses, whose videos trended, had unfortunately, committed suicide and buried already. Also, others have fallen into deep depression and life threatening trauma. It was also revealed that those videos were shot three years ago and due to the time lapse, so many of such videos involving Jos girls might still be lying underground. In fact, it might still be an ongoing phenomenon in the city, observers say.
News Chronicle made efforts to meet with one of the actresses in the video. The attempt began shortly after the videos went trending and it took about a week to meet the lady, due to her health condition.
The 31 year old resident of Jenta Adamu ward in Jos North, who did not want her name mentioned, looked pale and her depressed condition was quite noticeable even to a stranger. She was unwilling to express herself during the chat because as she claimed, it was her third encounter with journalists and that she was pissed off with having to narrate her experience over and over again.
According to her, “my sister was sick, seriously sick and I did that to save my sister. My sister suffered from heart failure and JUTH was requesting money. I did that to save life, although we eventually lost her. What pained me more is the fact that I am about to get married when the video came out”.
In fact, the said lady revealed that the trending videos were actually shot three years ago and that she was seriously troubled by the videos that she had to stay away from home since it was exposed.
The slim, brown complexioned lady also disclosed that one of her colleagues committed suicide by taking “snipper” because of the frustration she suffered as a result of the attitude of her immediate community towards her. “The lady killed herself because she was not shown love”, she disclosed.
According to the lady whose wedding is billed for October 2020, she initially felt like committing suicide but for the grace of God and therefore advised up coming females to “be very careful”.
“When I saw the video, I felt like committing suicide, I wouldn’t eat. I thank God because maybe God wants me to reconcile with him”, she added.
She also advised people to stop criticising them as that could only add to the problem and not solve the matter. “People should help pray for us and not criticise. Nobody is perfect! There are people who aborted and even engaged in prostitution, they were not criticised like us”.
She even confessed that because of the videos, a lot more ladies have learnt some lessons, others have repented and became cautious of their escapades so as not to fall into the same trap.
According to her, people are not interested in helping the needy but only prefer to assist in one’s funeral. “It’s a matter of time, I will overcome this trauma. I am afraid to enter my community because fingers will be pointed at us”, she cried.
Fears of uncovered cases still hang in the air
Meanwhile, following the discovery that the trending videos were old videos shot three years ago, there is the possibility of more of such videos that have not yet been exposed to the public.
Although, the videos are still been circulated in the social media and private phones, they have been removed from the internet “at the request of compromise agents”, according to the prompt on the website.
This, observers say could be a way of “damage control” by the sex cartel, ‘Compromise agents’, considering the uproar the trending videos were causing in the city. Perhaps, if left unchecked, the videos could have exposed more cases to an uncontrollable and catastrophic level in a city that has never witnessed such.
Commenting on the sex videos, a Jos resident and Creator of the Facebook group ‘Come to Jos’, John Wash, regretted the way people handled the “saga”.
According to him “the whole saga was overblown because Porn videos have been around for a long time. Those ladies also come from somewhere because they are our sisters. Because it happened in Jos, people are playing holier than thou”.
He said if it was true that one of the ladies died, those who circulated her videos were “the cause of her death”.
According to him, they (ladies) did it for economic reasons, alluding to confessions of one of the ladies. “She said she did it because her sister needed medical attention. So she had a valid reason to do that thing if she has no way of getting the money. Instead of castigating them we should encourage them”, he pointed.

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