Is it true that penis is the only commodity that rises and comes down in Nigeria?

Stanley Ugagbe

Stanley Ugagbe

While growing up, there were certain things that were adjudged sacred and too heavy for the mouth to say especially in the public among young people – private parts used to be part of the sacred crew! But the narrative has surreptitiously changed dramatically and things that used to be private are now public and vice versa – for instance, two lovers can touch each other’s private parts but cannot touch each other’s phones! This normalization of anomaly is the reason sex has become so trivialized that the society (both on and offline) is inundated with knack, knack, knack like carpenters! That is by the way!

A few days ago, I was stealing glances at a particular caterwauling Nollywood’s movie when a fellow drew my attention to a certain trending video where a lady made a nauseating comic statement that informed this piece. Harping on the aggravating state of things, particularly the prices of food items in Nigeria, the lady averred that ‘penis is the only thing that rises and comes down’ in the present day Nigeria.

First, I find the statement disdainfully egregious because I can’t fathom how we got to this point where ‘manhood’ has become an object of ridicule in the society especially among our morally bankrupt young people! As highlighted above, private parts used to be so sacred that society had a way of barring people from making mockery of them. How we plummeted to this point where almost everything and anything can be used to joke especially on social media remains a conundrum to me!

You come on social media and the whole place is braggadociously littered with kpekus, rod, and some other excrescence and nauseating terms that are being used to jokingly describe the sacred human parts! Who bastardized the standard? What happened to morals? How is it that these iberiberistic iberiberisms have become the norm and the society is quiet? What are we teaching in our homes, schools and religious centers?

Secondly, a critical overview of the lady’s statement shows some element of truth as it relates to the Nigeria of today. One doesn’t need to be an economist or business analyst to understand the current narrative in the Nigerian market place. Nigeria is on the verge of completely defying the law of gravity – anything that goes up must come down!

Going to the market is gradually becoming a nightmare because reality is that what you bought for N1000 yesterday is definitely not going to be sold for the same price today – and unfortunately, it has become a norm for prices not to depreciate.

You go to the market place and people are inadvertently shouting in whatever way they can, and this is in response to the prices of items they are being told! A bag of rice is N30,000? Please, how much is the minimum wage again? And to think that many state governments are yet to implement the unscrupulous minimum wage! How are people surviving? I am terrified! I am troubled! I mean how do most of the population who earn very little cope amidst this malodorous inflation?

As hackneyed as this may sound, I find it sardonically lugubrious that despite this unflinching acute hardship that has been inflicted on the Nigerian people due to the maladministration of successive governments especially the present one, the government of the day has rather turned deaf ears to the cries and pains of the masses – it only shows that Nigerian leaders are the ‘wickedest set of people on earth’.

How do you explain it that a nation’s citizenry is suffering and being killed day-in-day-out and the government is only good at issuing press releases of condolences! Could it be that they actually do not know how to effect the right policies to alleviate the pains of the people? If this is the case, what is stopping them from resigning? No, they only care about their pockets and how to fly their children abroad!

It’s now audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that the government careless about the welfare and safety of the Nigerian people! It’s on this note that I am appealing to the Nigerian people that we should look out for ourselves. Be your brother’s keeper. In any way that you can help your neighbor, please don’t hesitate to do so. Assist the needy among you and do not withhold help from the one seeking help. The times are excruciatingly tough and the only way we can make things easy for ourselves is by being of help to one another!

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