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IPOB to Self-determination Agitators: Join Us to Shut Down Nigeria on October 1


Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is currently wooing other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria seeking self-determination to join in its lockdown scheduled for October 1, the 61st year anniversary of the country’s independence.

IPOB’s Spokesman, Emma Powerful, says the Biafra agitating mass movement will also bring down Nigerian flags in the eastern axis of the country, stressing that the group is taking these actions in solidarity with Ambazonia, a secessionist group in Cameroon, whose purported independence anniversary is on October 1.

“IPOB has declared October 1, 2021 total shutdown in Biafra land as a sign of our rejection of the construct called Nigeria and there shall be no movement in Biafra land on this day. Also IPOB has declared from September 25, 2021, that all Nigerian flags mounted anywhere in Biafra land must be brought down, banks exceptional.

“IPOB leadership will communicate to banks directly and give them reasons they must peacefully bring down the Nigerian flag in their banking premises before we do it ourselves in our own way. Everybody must strictly adhere to these directives from IPOB leadership, we want to let the world know that Biafraland is not Nigeria and shall not be.

“We advise Biafrans to stand with Ambazonia people as they celebrate their God-given freedom and independence.”

In his latest statement, Powerful says IPOB has pleaded with those agitating for Oduduwa Republic and Middle Belt to put aside differences and join the group in the shut down: “We, the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), request our brothers and sisters in Oduduwa Republic and Middle Belt who suffer similar fate with us to join hands in sympathy protest.

“All lovers of freedom including Christian communities in the North and other parts of Nigeria, who receive humiliation, intimidation and killings from terrorists, bandits and murderous herdsmen should understand that time has come for all victims of impunity and atrocities to unite together for resistance.

“We need to put our differences behind us and rise as one people to defend our ancestral land and heritage against our common enemy.” The separatist group threatened to lockdown the entire South-East region on October 1, while calling on its members to remove all Nigerian flags mounted in “Biafraland”.


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