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IPOB Impersonation: Unknown Gunmen The New Sherif

With the gruesome murder of Dr. Chike Akuyili and other numerous lives lost in cold blood one wonders whose hands and whose voice that are behind it.

South East is sliding, fast for that matter into the sheol of violence, only God knows where all these will take them to.

The situation is precarious, more like a state of nature which according to Thomas  Hobbes was one in which there were no enforceable criteria of right and wrong. People took for themselves all that they could, and human life was “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.”

The state of nature was therefore a state of lawlessness, intimidation, oppression, dastard killing and violence. “Mgbe egburu Anwughi  mgbe oga anwu”( deeds and consequences don’t come in one fell swoop)

The sky is gloomy, the weather becoming more chilly and the clarity of where all these will lead us to uncertain.

The dance is becoming like “Surugede” egwu ndi muo. The space is unguarded, masking under a new household name “Unknown gunmen ”  envogue.

We see them gun down innocent lives , we watch them brandish AK-47  along streets, harassing and intimidating citizens still they are unknown, all we could do is to turn into paparazzi and online media czar .

“Ndi Igbo ejela  inyu anyu ,zoro  azoro( Off for a good and relieving adventure only to get messed up)

This is not the Igbos in their egalitarian and hospitable nature. They are not callous and insensitive to the sacredness of life by nature .

How did they get here? This mad place of callousness? Where will this lead them to?  To the promised land?

Igbos are gradually sliding, cascading into something unwholesome, if not hanging around a trade bare rope, dangling directly on a hole of shame and annihilation.

Sadly IPOB has been impersonated deeply, control and vision slipping off grip of the leaders, while, banditry and nefarious deeds take the centre stage, dictating the tune and dance steps.

Its activities were lauded,   its ideology top notch.

It wasn’t violent, peaceful demonstration its mode of engagement then.

What has really changed? A lot! Whose hands and voices are these?

Who is this Ahitophele? Who is this Sennacherib? Who is this Judas? The enemy within, giving the dog a bad name just to hang it?

IPOB is gradually losing sympathy. The huge fan it controlled and influenced is going down.

No  right thinking Igbo man can fault IPOB’    vision ,ideology and emancipation drive, but one wonders how all these ( self determination struggle ) can find expression and endorsement amidst all these killing, sit at home and no elections  orders.

IPOB is losing its steam and honour with all these gory tales and image smearing activities rightly or wrongly associated with the name presently.

Chike is gone! Emeka long gone!! , Obi dead!! Njoku, life sniffed out of him etc. All these are prominent Igbo men, doing well and impacting on their generation.

They died, not out of natural causes, but painfully out of the banditry of  urchins and rascals in the name of IPOB.  Only if they know how bad the name Igbo  is in whistling.

They said you (IPOB) were terrorist when you were peaceful with no unknown gunmen puzzle following you like house hold enemy .

One wonders what name they will give you ( IPOB) now that the guns of the unknown gunmen are smoking around your region.

Dr. Chike Akunyili died! They said you killed him. You said you didn’t. Who killed Chike?  The Diamond of Agulu.  Who killed Chike?

This is no funnier. “Egwu nchakasi Anya”!  Who is next?

Our Governors  sit doing nothing, enjoying the luxury and comfort  the security vote offers  while unknown gunmen take over the streets and unleash terror to innocent citizens .

Who is doing this to the Igbos? Who wants to paint the activities of IPOB black, discrediting under the guise of unknown gun men the laudable IPOB self determination drive.

Who is this enemy within, aiding the flame of terrorism to consume and silence the genuineness of IPOB vision and aspiration?

As it stands now, nobody is safe, ones enemy can hide under this faceless unknown gunmen to carry out some recriminative  or jealous driven attacks. Since life has no duplicate, ones dead there is no reversal.

“Ugbua ka bu ututu ! Echi di ime”! (Today is fairly good, tomorrow is unpredictable)

If nothing is done, urgently too,   the future remains   scary.

Ama onye ana eze!

Ndi Igbo  jiri nu Uche na ako,  else North -East’ situation  will be a  child’s play to what will befall the zone!


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