Insecurity: PLAC Bombs Buhari, Says President Prioritises Skewed Sectional Appointments

President Muhammadu Buhari has come under a seeming harsh criticism on his administration’s handling of security matters in Nigeria, the world’s most populous African country.

Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre (PLAC), a key civic group, says President Buhari has continued to prioritise skewed sectional appointments over and above competence in his management of Nigeria’s security system.

‘’No doubt, the chickens have come home to roost and the country is now paying the price for it’’, PLAC says on its website.

According to the group, it appears the state of insecurity in Nigeria has now attained unprecedented proportions, adding, ‘’in the last few days, pockets of protest have sprouted in some northern Nigerian cities, trending under the hashtag #NorthIsBleeding.

‘’Security forces are clamping down on some of these protests. Only this week, a Kaduna State House of Assembly member was killed, two traditional rulers were kidnapped in Okigwe Local Government Area of Imo State and three banks were attacked by armed robbers in Egbe, Kogi State.

‘’In the past week, the killings have included a Commissioner in Katsina State murdered in his home and bus passengers travelling from Sokoto to Kaduna burnt to death.

‘’It is frequent news these days that bandits, terrorists and other criminal groups write letters to communities announcing dates on which they will invade and attack the particular communities.

‘’Headlines are filled with news of multiple killings by bandits and terrorists. It would appear that the Nigerian security forces are overwhelmed and unable to respond to the challenges faced around the country.

‘’It would appear also that President Muhamamdu Buhari’s entire security system has collapsed and the government has failed to provide security for citizens.

‘’The House of Representatives at its plenary on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, resolved to amend the 1999 Nigerian Constitution for the restructuring and overhaul of Nigeria’s security architecture with the aim to devolve powers to the States to deliberate and decide on matters relating to security.

‘’This resolution followed a motion presented by the Deputy Speaker of the House, Hon. Idris Wase on the killing of citizens in Plateau State and across the country.

‘’Individuals and groups across the country have continuously clamoured for restructuring the Federation to give more powers to the states, including on the issue of policing. In the light of heightening insecurity and the apparent inability of the police and other state security agencies to effectively deal with the situation, some regions established indigenous security outfits and local vigilante groups to complement the work of these agencies.

‘’One of the major issues that have stood out for consideration in the Constitution Review agenda of the 9th Assembly is State Police. However, the real question is if the National Assembly can pass the Constitution Alteration bills before it and successfully conclude the Constitution Review process with about 18 months to the end of the 9th Assembly.

‘’Observers believe that President Buhari’s unrestrained insistence on appointing mostly members of his ethnic stock and religion is instrumental to the efficiency and effectiveness decline of Nigeria’s security system.’’

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