In Kenya, Police Cracking Down on Potato Growers

The Police in Kenya are cracking down on potato growers police. They have arrested four people for allegedly breaching the Irish potatoes regulation Act.

Potato Regulation Act 2019 states that potatoes should be packaged in not more than 50 kgs bags and local police forces have been carrying out checks on farms and transportation vehicles.

On Saturday, two lorries which were carrying potatoes in outlawed bags were intercepted in Nyandarua County.

According to Ndaragwa police chief, Nancy Jerobom, one vehicle was carrying 150 bags and another contained 160 extended bags.

“The regulation states that the required weight of a potato bag should be 50 kilograms but these two lorries were carrying bags ranging from 60 to over 70 kilograms”, Jerobom told Sunday World .

“We arrested four people including the drivers and will be arraigned in court for relevant charges.”

She further warned traders as well as farmers to follow the regulations to avoid facing penalties.

Deputy Director of Agriculture in Nyandarua County Hannah Njenga said that each sub county in Kenya had set up weighing machines to assist farmers and traders package potatoes within the allowed limit.

“We shall procure more weighing machines so that everybody will know that potato bags should weigh 50 kilograms, she said.


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