In ‘defence’ of Bill Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates and or their Foundation have been in the news for the wrong reasons. There are lots of conspiracy theories swirling around the Gates; apart from the Chinese, I do not think there is anyone as vilified as the Gates today. The other day, Bill was attacked in broad daylight in a European country. The Chinese are accused of having manufactured coronavirus in a laboratory in one of their cities, Wuhan; of having been careless with it, thus letting the virus escape from the laboratory into the world, and of not alerting the world on time of the perilous danger of a deadly virus now at large but of keeping sealed lips while the virus made its entry into the cities of the world infecting innocent people. 

While the world was unaware and, therefore, was undefended and went about with normal living as if nothing was amiss, China is accused of feverishly taking surreptitious steps to defend itself from the virus. When conscionable Chinese leaked the story about the existence of the virus, China at first denied, thereafter down-played the danger until Death, the grim reaper, began to bring in the harvests worldwide, by which time it was too late to shut the door against a virus which caught everyone, except, ironically, the Chinese themselves, pants down and napping.   

China has also been accused of not making full disclosure of the trajectory and impact of the virus on its own people; of turning worldwide adversity into an opportunity to rip off the whole world: in the defective PPEs it flooded the market with, making handsome profits to the bargain; in the economic policies it rolled outright in the vortex of the pandemic, making many to conclude that, indeed, COVID-19 was World War 3 unleashed on an unsuspecting world by a China seeking world dominance and power. 

Many, including the United States of America, have demanded that China allow due diligence on the virus, particularly its role in the whole debacle. American citizens have started a campaign to discontinue their country’s dependence on China in the critical areas of medicines and medicals, food supplies and security. Other nations, seeing how their dependence on Chinese products messed them up in their hour of need, will be reasonable to do likewise. The US has started to re-examine its membership of the World Health Organization, has accused the world body of compromise and complicity as well as of incompetence in its handling of China and the virus it spewed. Calls have also been made for the establishment of an African ‘World’ Health Organisation in the same way as we have the then OAU (now AU) as a counterpoise to the United Nations.

Back to Gates: Before coronavirus, this man had controversially been in the news for meddling in the affairs of African countries; compromising and controlling their leaders and governments; using financial aid and assistance as well as bribery and corruption to arm-twist and lead African leaders and governments by the nose for the twin-goal of exploiting and controlling the continent’s resources as well as controlling and drastically reducing its population. 

Bill Gates is the new colonialist and the carrot of financial aid and assistance, as well as bribery and corruption, like as the missionaries in the olden days, peddled education and Christianity, are the new instruments of subjugation and oppression of Africa. Like the African chiefs who took gin, mirrors and what-not to sell off their own vibrant people as slaves to be carted off to the so-called New World, African leaders and politicians of today are also selling off their countries, its people, their present well-being as well as their future, for peanuts! 

Hyperboles apart, the Gates have made astounding in-roads and incursions into the hearts and minds of corrupt and inept African leaders who always seek the easy way out of their never-ending financial crises (like Nigeria’s) due mainly to their laziness and an insatiable thirst for foreign goods and services. And, of course, he who pays the piper dictates the tune. The Chinese and the Gates appear to compete with seeing who buys up most of Africa.

In 1884/85, it was the Berlin Conference that partitioned Africa amongst the then super-power nations; today, the Chinese and the Gates are the new colonial masters gobbling up the continent. We have heard of whole African governments and or countries already bought up by the Gates and the Chinese. This is the era of New Colonialism. The other day, I listened to the South African stormy petrel, Julius Sello Malema, rail against the Chinese acquisition of Africa.       

But can we totally blame the new colonialists? Where there is demand, there will be supply. When willing buyers meet ready sellers, a deal is cut. The Femi Gbajabiamila-sponsored Coronavirus bill has raised an uproar. The Gates are said to have bribed their way through. Here, we hardly get evidence of such allegations but let us wait if the same issue is raised abroad; scandals and financial malfeasance that go unchallenged here have to get nailed in the right places abroad.

But what did you expect? We knew their trajectory. We heard stories about their activities in the US. We saw how an elder in the church suddenly surfaced in Mecca and Medina on a pilgrimage just to get into office. Tell me, what did you expect from wheelers and dealers? They say the Gates wants to use Coronavirus and 5G as the modern-day Malthusian theory of “preventive and positive checks” to control Africa’s run-away population and my response is, why not? Were you not here when a Senator brought his retinue of wives and trailer-load of children to the floor of the Senate to show off his so-called virility and sense of no-shame? The rate at which our population is growing without value-added is a real concern to everyone, except, ironically, the very people creating the problem. Many who can adequately take care of 5, 10, 20 children or more wisely choose to have only 2, 3, 4, 5 with value-added to the children in such a way they would be no liabilities to anyone or the society but those who cannot afford to train 2 children foolishly have 10, 20, etc without value-added. Tell me, how will anyone in the corridors of power who breed children like pigs not put his hand in the public till? If the trend continues, these “excess” children will become canon fodders and willing tools in the hands of Islamic fundamentalists. They will also become cultists, bandits, kidnappers and sundry criminals making life hell for law-abiding citizens. Witness Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, almajiris, etc. Vagrants and vagabonds who do not bat an eyelid before wasting the lives of professors, medical doctors, pastors, and other professionals a million times their betters! That, I dare to say, is the concern of Bill Gates!  


RE: When Lagos State Government self-destructs…

The story on the Magodo greenbelt violation sounds interesting and at the same time confusing! I am privileged to know that the former governor signed a Certificate of Occupancy for that greenbelt area of Magodo days before his exit from office. But for funding, the developer would have long ago started the development of the Estate. I believe the Onikosi is armed with the C of O. I am also almost sure that a housing estate was to be developed initially for (an Oil company) but they could not pull the deal through because of the poor financial position of their Cooperatives. As it stands, I think the Cooperatives of one of the embassies are to have their housing estate in that area, except the Occupancy certificate has been revoked or the areas in question differ, although still within the same greenbelt. There must be something not clear going by the denials from the responsible officers in the state – Anonymous.

A friend and pastor, who is the coordinator and contemporary of one Taiwo and Kehinde, both pastors in a Pentecostal church, wanted to secure funds to kick-start the project. Personally, I would not want to commit resources to a controversial development but will opt for what is fair and just to the generality of Lagos than be a party to any selfish, unjust action. Yes, there may be genuine and valid C of O. but C of O can be revoked. I look forward to reading a balanced article on this issue to guide my decision. The NNPC Cooperatives have reportedly deposited the promoters towards the Estate development. In all we do, having enjoyed the grace of Jesus, we must not use the God-given grace to do any wrong – Anonymous.

From the above, there appears to be more to the Magodo green belt issue than meets the eye but, as Yinka Aiyefele crooned, let us get to the bottom of the pot to know for sure what’s cooking! 

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