In Akwa Ibom, APC Power Gladiators Seek 2023 Governorship Ticket to Ground PDP

Akanimo Sampson

Akanimo Sampson

Most likely, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that has been dominating the affairs of the deep pocket oil state of Akwa Ibom since 1999, might not find it very easy as usual to clinch victory at the polls in 2023. Besides the fact that some lesser political parties in the state are warming up to make a major political statement, All Progressive Congress (APC) appears to be ready for war with PDP.

Some of the aggrieved PDP players who are at home with the ‘tricks’ of the party have defected to APC in a bid to take the battle to PDP. Before now, the drawback of the party has been its inability to produce a broadly acceptable governorship candidate.

Now, seven political potentates who know the terrain like the back of their palms are offering themselves for recruitment as APC’s gubernatorial battle axe in 2023 against the irritating PDP.

Before this time, Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), one of the coalition parties that formed APC has been struggling since 2011 to upstage Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), a dominant political party in the state.

Political watchers say it failure was largely due to recruiting ‘unacceptable’ governorship candidates for elections in the state. There is also the lack of political gladiators with national influence and deep pocket.

The implication of this misfortune has been APC’s blatant alienation from tasting the goodies and juicy appointments in the state renowned with wealthy oil resources. Poverty and misery was identified with APC members in a typical ‘winners take it all’ politics in Akwa Ibom State.

In most cases the bitterness of the disenfranchised followers develop voters apathy where some defect to the ruling PDP where they are either compelled to ‘join the queue’ before savoring the crumbs or used perpetually to sabotage APC in subsequent elections.

As the 2023 gubernatorial race hots-up, APC in Akwa Ibom is beginning to have huge following, known aspirants of national influencers with cash. Unfortunately, the party is still retaining the ill habit of deep rooted hatred, division and need a generally acceptable ‘bridge builder’ candidate to succeed come 2023 governorship election.

So far, seven gladiators have purchased the form and jostle to be crowned the party standard bearer. But who among them possess the needed character to intimidate the ruling PDP and grab the stool to enjoy Akwa Ibom commonwealth’s as bona fides?

Behold the governorship aspirants and their perceived weaknesses and strong points:


He is alate entrant into the race on the platform of APC. He just recently defect from the PDP. A green horn in Akwa Ibom political space, but a good money bag to support the party’s cause.  However, his rumoured imposition can further deepen the division and weaken voting strength of APC in Akwa Ibom in 2023.

Moreover, some party members claim the constitution of the party forbids a defector who is less than a year to qualification as a suitable governorship standard bearer.


This economist and an ace budget expert is an Uyo son. He has experienced power as executive council member under Obong Victor Attah. He is favoured as Uyo clamour for the seat at ‘Barracks Road End’. However, his dent in politically and security scandal may split APC votes or attract litigation if given ticket.


So far, he is the highest political office holder in the governorship race under APC.  John has served as Minister, APC National Secretary and a Senator.

His interest in the race sparked controversy about his over ambitious and selfish character. He was loved by many and disliked by a multitude. His ticket many fear would mean another sellout to PDP.


He joined the race as a bold gladiator with over 16 years experience and national popularity. However, his development or empowerment capacity is a huge threats to his ticket.

The Calabar -Itu highway and Ikot Ekpene – Aba road delays has been blamed for his bad lobbying capacity.


His family philanthropic and developmental antecedent overwhelmed his character.A big employer of labour in the Local Government Service Board.

He is a broker of repute expected to attract investment if he becomes the governor of the state. He is already promising tangible dividend of democracy and open governance that will be closer to the people.

He his media shy but an overachiever and a reformer who enjoys the back stage. His ticket will reunite APC and attract larger chunk of PDP votes in Uyo, Ikot Ekpene and Eket senatorial district.

Austin is a natural bridge builder, transformer and conquered greed in severally aspect of public administration. He is loved by a multitude in both parties.

Also his Uyo ancestry sentiment and corporate success of the Utuks dynasty that touched all parts of the State will be added advantage to his APC ticket.


The third Uyo son in the race for government house indicates Uyo strong desire to take power as most deserving of the senatorial rotation.

Udoh has many contest yet without a successful political career. Al,so his age and network of friendhaveas not give him the needed character to lead APC against highly sponsored, adopted and supported opposition candidates. He is also seen as a greenhorn in the race.


He is said to be a brilliant politician and gentleman from Oron ethnic nationality. Many in APC are of the view that his partnership with Austin Utuk, as a running mate could easily bring a landslide victory to APC in 2023.

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