Impeach Buhari To Avoid Another Coup D’etat Disaster

Nigeria has never recovered since the first Coup d’Etat. It turned out as expected that the Army lacked the intelligence and intellectual capacity for governance. A few went as far as saying the best military rule is worse than the worst civilian rule. Well, many of us disagree. Though Jerry Rawlings did a better job in Ghana in his first coming, Ghana has since benefited from clean civilian rule. In Nigeria, we are either recovering from military rule in uniform or in militrician rule when they change their uniforms to agbada or designer suits.

One of the former stalwarts of the National Party of Nigeria boldly stated in 1979 that there were two parties in Nigeria: the Military and NPN. Both parties have mutated into different viruses, but these leopards never changed their spots. If you take a good look at the politicians in Nigeria, it will become clear that only Vagabonds, Army and Thugs are left standing to get into the game of Do or Die. Their only goal is to go in and loot the treasury. Their supporters that vote them into power are thugs and hoodlums waiting for turns to loot.

So they hate peaceful activists. They would dare you to oppose them at your own risk. Most of you must have heard about how harmless and peaceful protesters of #ENDSARS were massacred. Even worse, the Commander of the Army that led them, told the Tribunal he would execute exactly the same Operation again. But once these same Protesters carry Arms like Boko Haram, Niger Delta Force, OPC or MASSOB; their military tactics would change to contracts, bribes, foreign scholarships and political cronies.

It appears that since Babangida broke Buhari, he never recovered. So scared to death, Buhari refused to change the Service Chiefs, still figuring out how to prevent another coup d’etat against him. Even Babangida that had worked against the Buhari Election is enjoying the lack of retribution from Buhari or his kitchen cabinet. If kidnappers were brave enough to take the cue from Boko Haram and kidnap another set of school children right in Buhari’s State when he was at home on vacation, they fear nobody. Could it have been staged for easy rescue?

Authorities that do not listen to peaceful protests, flame violence or insurrection that make Revolution inevitable. It is an old adage some reasonable governments learned from before or after the revolution. Watch out for those children of the status quo that argue against change as their country dug itself deeper into poverty. They have vested interest in the oppression of peaceful demonstrators. They are the Personal Assistants of the Oppressors located everywhere including the social media. Even other Africans and people of goodwill worldwide empathize with Nigerians. Not the children and supporters of these Vagabonds-In-Power.

The indications are that Buhari has lost his grip on Power to his kitchen cabinet. When his wife said Buhari did not know some of the members of his wider cabinet, we doubted his wife since Buhari said she belonged to the other room. She is not taking chances though. A few sources claimed she has relocated to Dubai for security reasons. This is why Nigerians are crying that if the wife of the President is not safe in Nigeria, nobody can protect the common man. They wonder if Buhari is really in control, has lost interest in Power or he is being used to retain Power by ordained oligarchy Mafia; as they did under ailing President Yar’Adua.

Most of us knew Buhari was a religious fanatic, but had instinctual intolerance for corruption. Yet, we voted for him as a preference to a worse evil, Jonathan that legalized corruption with a notion that it was not necessarily a crime. As Buhari gets older, he has dropped religion, an opium used to disguise cruelty of man against man. Buhari has also embrace corruption as it provides comfort for him and his family, not only in the Muslim world but in the Western world where he sends his children to school and obtain medical treatment that cannot be provided in his Country for his people; because he can afford them overseas on his salary!

All the effort and brains, if they have any since taking over, that should have been utilized to combat violence are diverted against those that pointed out their obvious failures. Even Reverend Kuka that voiced out the mind of most people in Nigeria had been declared a traitor. Nothing Reverend Kuka said was different from that of the Sultan of Sokoto that expressed the same caution as Reverend Kuka. So both must be planning a coup as traitors then?

Buhari must be morally dead. The same man Boko Haram almost killed by a suicide bomber in Kaduna before he became President, had been asked to negotiate on their behalf with the Jonathan Government. When the North-East and North-West boasted of violence on Christian churches and Southerners anytime they dared contest for Presidency, they never thought the same violence would gradually consume them.

The bottom line is that the “core” North is bleeding from self-inflicted wounds and their leaders know it. But they hide their heads in the sand for fear that they would be proven wrong by whoever tells them the truth. A case of self perfection that fears correction from any quarter that may expose the fact that they are moving in the wrong direction to self-annihilation. Since reliance on foreign income, politicians plunged the Country from African richest country before the curse of oil to the world capital of Poverty after massive oil income. Whoever says money can make you wealthy or rich has never heard of a country called Nigeria.

Very soon the whole Country will be consumed by terrorists unless other parts learn their lessons and prepare to defend their part of the Country. As long as we have Southerners joining and flaming the destruction of the Country because of personal greed for tokenism and backing as candidates for Presidency instead of speaking the truth to Power, we will all follow Borno violence down the drain. It is no longer North v. South, the whole Country is threatened during the reign of Buhari who got elected because another devil that sold his people, relied on temporary income from the curse of oil as Paradise.

Nigeria known for its Army contribution to Peace in Africa and the world is now at the mercy of local terrorists financed internally and by international sects of religious terrorists in the name of God. Buhari has turned deaf ears to reasonable voices in the North, even the Sultan that claimed they have never seen so much carnage and destruction within their own North. Indeed, the voices of reason of both Muslim and Christian leaders has been branded a coup.

Who is ruling Nigeria? What a change from Buhari/Idiagbon that jailed people for foreign currencies to this Buhari/Osinbajo that reverted to cracking down on harmless nonviolent protesters but fear Boko Haram, militias and coup plotters.

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