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“I’m an exclusive ashewo who works for billionaires only” – Bobrisky


Nigerian cross dresser, Bobrisky has disclosed that he is an exclusive ‘ashewo’ who work for billionaires only.

He made this revelation on his official Facebook page. In the post, the cross dresser, who shared a picture of himself, wrote:

Fans: Bobrisky you are beautiful, pls what do you do ma?

Bobrisky response: I’m an exclusive ashewo who work for billionaires only. I’m trained not to mention names or kiss and tell. Even at gunpoint, don’t mention any name. Just do your job and move on.

Fans: Damn !!! But you are not a woman so how do you do it ma?

Bobrisky response: Forget about that darling, there are many ways to satisfy my client so leave that for me. That is what makes me an exclusive ashewo.

Fans: Truly I have never heard you mentioned any name though cos I follow you back to back and you are so rich omg.

Bob response: Thank you.


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