It’s so funny how in our generation of today after a stressful day at school and an annoying day at work, and you decide to go out and ease yourself of the day’s stress, you find yourself in a restaurant so to say and you make your order and watch the waiter dish out your food and he puts his hands into the buffet filled with chicken, removes a piece and puts in your food, what comes to your mind?

You came into a shop where they sell Soft drinks and of course, pure water, table water, name it and you say what you want and you see the salesperson picking his/her nose while coming to open the fridge and get you what you ordered for, what next?

Ok, let’s leave waiters, caterers, salespersons.

You want to buy roasted corn and you go meet the seller and of course, you want to always pick the perfect corn just for your stomach and while discussing and selecting you notice a little child stooling close to the corn seller, what’s your next plan?

Yes, irritating as some people will say, these are important things people call little mistakes not knowing these little mistakes can cost them something. Ignorance can cost a man his life, fortune, opportunity, name it. At every point, it’s important that we seek knowledge and follow procedures in doing things. It’s also important to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Till I come your way again, ponder on these!

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