If she undresses and you see this, will you still do the do?

330 views | Francis Azuka | April 25, 2021

A Nigerian man, Peter Peters has sparked reactions on social media after he shared a picture of a lady wearing different shade of beads and asked his followers if they will proceed to have sex with such lady when she uncovers her nakedness and they see such.

“Oya where are all the guys, if she undresses and you see this, you go still do do ? Make una come with una answers”

In their reactions, most of his male followers admitted that they will proceed to have sex with the lady.

Mathias Kenneth Utuk – all those things in her waist no concern me oh my own na to do do and commot there.

Afiegbe Edwin Godday – Let me see her first

Nyano Reva’s – I go fuck her na, na Kenya girls pattern

Marshal Harry – The scarier the merrier

Jeru Ubrei Joe – Prick go fall I swear

Kelvin Likel – Waist beeds are a part of the African culture and clothing……..Because we have been told that the worst of women who play the role of being wishes wear them doesn’t mean all who wears them are witches regardless of how they appear or the types they put on……..Well for me, ladies with waist beeds are attractive…… let’s leave the stories for another day……Back to the question, Yes I go still do. If na that one wan kill me, no wahala…… something must kill a man.

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