If More Women Were Like Tonto Dikeh, Men Will Start To Have Sense – How True Is This?

Few days back, on Sunday, June 9, one of the popular actresses in Nollywood, Tonto Dikeh celebrated her 34th birthday. In celebrating her, her fellow actress, Mercy Aigbe had sent her love and wishes. She shared a photo of Dikeh on her Instagram page with a message describing Dikeh as she sees her.

Mercy described Tonto as a beautiful, bold, stubborn, and strong woman. She noted that she calls her craze girl and if there were more women like Dikeh, men would have sense.

Here is what she wrote;

“Happy Birthday to this super beautiful, very bold, extremely stubborn, strong woman, I call her ‘craze girl’ behind her back if there were more women like her, I am sure some men will start to have sense “awon oniranu gbogbo” …… as you start this new chapter of your life, may you enter another level of increase in every area of your life in Jesus Name! Have a Blast hunnay @tontolet

The fact that she described Tonto as an extremely stubborn woman and said that if all women were like Tonto, she is sure that some men will start to have sense really got me wondering. This is straight up weird AF. I mean, who loves a stubborn woman?

You see, there is a difference between a woman who can stand her ground; who has a say of her own and a woman who gives you headache.

In a society where men are under heavy societal pressure not only to provide but to spoil their women with all sorts of material desires, the least the women could do is to give them peace of mind. Men rather go for soft-spoken but peaceful and lively women. By soft-spoken I mean the words that leave the woman’s lips should bring forth warmth, peace and kindness. That is the kind of woman who calms you down at the end of a long day and makes your house a home.

Someone once said, “Give your man what the streets can’t – positivity and a peace of mind”. A man may not be crazy about you but if you give him positivity and a peace of mind – he would want to try and make it work.

Your man has a demanding job. He is running a business by the side. He is trying to stay sober. He is thinking about how to settle house rent and pay the kids’ school fees, what in the name of love makes you think that he needs further headache from someone he calls “home”?

So, this is me countering what Mercy said earlier that if women were very bold and extremely stubborn, some men would have sense. It doesn’t always work this way. Men have a lot on their plate already. Let us not add to it.

Let me even throw a question to the guys; “Can you date a lady that shares the same personality with Tonto Dikeh?”

We would love you guys to share your thoughts on this.


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