I will never forgive my dad for his gift to me

A young carpenter has said that he will never forgive his dad for giving him tribal marks. Speaking to friends in his workshop at Sabo, Kaduna, the Yoruba man by tribe wished he had a choice in deciding whether he will be having tribal marks or not .

Tribal mark is common among many cultures in Nigeria, especially among the Yorubas and the Hausas. It is used to show a person’s tribal heritage or even family line in some areas. The marks are inscribed by burning or cutting the skin, and are usually done at very tender age.

The young carpenter opines that the marks have had negative effect on his self-esteem as he feels distorted and not as handsome as he actually should be. Come to think of it, they are almost irreversible.

The culture of giving tribal marks to children is a culture that appears to be dying off as we see less people engaging in it. An obvious reason for this is the issue of globalization/modernization. Maybe this young man will wish he could be born again.

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