I Have Not Had Sex in 4 Years, Wife of Anambra Native Doctor Arrested for Defiling His Daughters Cries Out

A wife of an Anambra native doctor, Mr Arinze Obiwenite, who was arrested for having carnal knowledge of his 12-year-old daughter and fingering others, has revealed how she has not been able to have sexual intercourse with anybody since the past four years.

According to her, this is because of a deadly oath the suspect made her and her co-wives take when he married them.

The suspect, Obiwenite, who was arrested by the Police in collaboration with the Anambra State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare, is said to have married 11 wives but is presently living with none of them.

Instead, he had found pleasure in his daughters, who he had locked up in the building and continued to have sexual intercourse with them since the past four years.

The suspect, who claims to be a pastor, was also found to have in his compound, several charms, a shallow grave where he buried many things, a list of those he had killed and want to kill among others.

It was when the State officials and the police came to rescue the children and arrest the suspect, that one of the wives courageously started crying for help that she wants freedom.

When TNC correspondent queried her further, she revealed that for the past four years when the suspect sent her packing from his house, no man has ever touched her because of the curse placed on her by the suspect.

According to the wife (names withheld), “Once he marries any of us, he will force us to swear an oath with him that no man will touch us again. He will then procreate with us and once he is done, he will send us packing.

“When we begged him to destroy the ‘juju’ he made us swear on or for us to be coming to see our children, he will refuse. He will not even consider our feelings as women.

“Since that time till now, I have not been able to have sex.

“It is not even the evil things that he does with our children that pains me most but the oath that prevented me from enjoying sexual relationship with anyone since the past four years.”

On why their parents or relatives have not been able to come and rescue them since then, the woman said everyone in the village is scared of the suspect, because of his evil powers.

When the cries of the women for liberation became so much, the suspect was asked to undo what he had done.

Believing that if he does so, he will be pardoned, the suspect asked the women to bring their hands and he placed it on them, muttered some incantations and rubbed them together.

He then told them to go, that they are free from all the charms he used to hold them and that they can now have sexual relationship with any man they want.

After the women were released, they expressed their joys at freedom and the suspect was arrested and taken to Police detention facility in Awka, from where he will make appearances in court this week, to answer for his crimes.

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