I can’t leave my husband if he’s cheating – Yeni Kuti


Afro beat singer and dancer Yeni Kuti while in an interview with the Chude Jideonwo has expressed her feelings on why she won’t leave her husband if he cheats on her. The 61-year-old who celebrated her birthday days ago said her late Father had 27 wives and her mother never left him.

In a 29 seconds video shared on the website of Yabaleft, Yeni said:

“I can’t leave my husband if he’s cheating, that is me. You can leave yours if he’s cheating. Don’t Judge me, I am not judging you.

My father had 27 wives my mother didn’t go, so it is me that will now go. It can never happen.”

According to Yabaleft, Yeni has been an advocate for not leaving a cheating husband as they shared a replica of an interview she had with TVC news some time ago.

“For me, cheating is not a dealbreaker. My father had 27 wives, my mother didn’t go. I am not saying she was happy, but she didn’t leave. My own deal breaker is if I find out my own partner is sleeping with another man. That is my deal breaker. I will run, they wouldn’t even beg me. I will run”.

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