I Am Not Scared Of Marriage – Cossy Orijakor Reveals; Who Is With Her On This?

Nollywood actress Cossy Orjiakor has revealed that she is not scared of marriage. Cossy Orjiakor made this revelation during a recent interview with Sun News when asked if she is scared of marriage.

According to her:

“I am not scared of marriage. However, if it is somebody that is crazy enough to like someone like me; that would be great! But then, I am not that kind of person that is really into the love thing….”

You see, no matter how much we try to downplay it, the truth is that marriage is hardwork. And most times, the thought of getting married is scary which is totally normal.

Personally, the idea of marriage scares me. It’s funny how weddings and marriage used to seem fun to me while I was a teenager but now? Oh well, it’s really terrifying and below are the to four reasons why-

  1. Unlike relationships, it’s not easy to get out of a marriage if it turns out to be sour. In marriage, you don’t break up at any slightest issue. You are sticking with your partner no matter how annoying he is. Even if you want to get out, divorce is not that easy to pull off.
  2. Marriage changes a lot of people. I mean, what if my husband takes me for granted once we got married and he doesn’t make much of an effort? What if he tells me that he is no longer attracted to me?
  3. Another reason why the idea of marriage is scary is because the sex could become boring. Because you will be sleeping with one guy for the rest of your life, there’s the issue of sex changing when you get older. You have to work extra hard to keep it hot and spicy, and that’s not always easy.
  4. And my biggest fear is that getting married would somehow jeopardize my career considering the fact that I’m career orientated. One of the scariest things about marriage is that it has to be a priority in your life if you’re going to make it work. This certainly doesn’t mean everything else in your life has to take a backseat, but sometimes it happens. What if you get an amazing career opportunity across the world, but your partner doesn’t want to go? What if you get a promotion that means you’ll be working harder and longer hours, and this puts pressure on your marriage? Being married means you have to take your partner into account on every big decision that used to be up to you and you alone.

So now that you have known the reasons why I am super terrified of marriage, who is with me here? Or are you like Cossy who is not scared of marriage? granted your views in the comment box, let’s know what you think.


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