Hypocrisy Of Empire & Regime Changers Capturing Nuclear Plants

Farouk Martins Aresa

Farouk Martins Aresa

There is a dangerous Nuclear Power Plants war game in Ukraine that will not stop there. It can only be stopped by Palace Coup. Swahili proverb says when the elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. It’s a shame that after the overthrow of Lumumba in Congo, Gadhafi in Libya, regime changes by three Superpower’s occupation of Afghanistan, we are back to Russian occupation of Nuclear Power Plants in Ukraine. The Non-aligned nations lost their moral authority to expose hypocrisy after the overthrow of Nkrumah. So, there are no fervent debates and action at the United Nations against Nuclear excuses of powerful nations to occupy weaker nations.

If we call out the hypocrisy of liberal democracy for placating the rights of the minorities, what do we call Authoritarian countries that defend the powers of the Dictators to capture Nuclear power in Iraq and now Ukraine? The logical expectation is that citizens would shape their countries according to what they want by their will and votes. That is, create the system of government they want. However, strongmen around the world are convinced that they know better than the citizens. So, they do not leave such decisions in the hands of people who are too “naive” to understand what is good for them.

Authoritarian leaders in the West or East are not only dangerous to their people, they are instinctual killers, unstable and willing to use the nuclear option to preserve the power of one and only one man. A clear and convincing victory is hard to come by in the face of skilful guerrilla Fighters resulting in the devastating loss of lives, properties and livelihoods. Even if a superpower cannot win a war outright, they brag about bombing weaker countries into past centuries.

There are people that derive their pleasure from the humiliation or capitulation of a fellow man. Call them Narcissist, sadist or Schadenfreude, they are held in awe by their followers. No matter how they become leaders, they end up destroying the lives of masses including that of their silent majority. What is the fascination of followers with this group of leaders?

Greed, arrogance and the cronies that give the leaders false sense of security. Their deranged anger against any minority or people because of ethnicity is an opportune time waiting for their next group of victims. Citizens of World Powers have to be better informed with the consequences of choosing leaders with killer instincts just as other countries. Contrary to the notion that all politics are local, once the leader of a powerful nation unleashes on weaker countries, the reverberation of Nuclear Option, even in a Nuclear Power Plant goes beyond borders.

We have seen the bloodshed and refugees created in Ukraine too many times around the world. We have people whose only disposition is to get whatever they want by the share use of brutal force. Appeal, persuasion and logical enticement are out of question. Though repulsive qualities are demonstrated in their character, some of us prefer them as leaders out of parochial interest.

Who is going to hold their reckless behavior responsible or enforce restraint against Nuclear powers? We are racing to the bottom of the jungle in immoral survival of the fittest. Fake news, state sponsored misinformation and Hackers Group Anonymous, one of the irresponsible virus attackers of our computers are now looking for a just cause to champion, by warning Russia. How many more people and countries are these opportunists going to attack after Russia, looking for spoils of war and ransom they depend on for a living?

Those of us crying against the Ukraine War have been called hypocrites that kept silent or ignored the Iraq War. They went further and asked if Libya is a better country today than it was during Gadhaffi’s reign. If you did not speak out against the Iraq War of deception, you have no moral conviction to speak out today on the Ukraine War, unless you resign to the lesser of all evil.

Even China is poised to invade Taiwan just as North Korea is flagging its Nuclear Power against the South. Japan also expressed intention to come out of the defensive mode. China, out of self interest opposed. Their nuclear power status has conferred an instrument of impunity. Only brave people within each country can check the absolute power of their leaders before it could be contained outside.

Russia needs a Palace Coup. We have seen all this before. We must wonder and ask ourselves why some people remain indifferent to the massacre of others after demonizing them while they are moved and touched by the plight of those that are close or look like them. As terrible as War is, some soldiers pose with dead bodies as souvenirs. Civilians hang and lynch humans!

These cannot be justified as collateral damages. It is the saying that if you want to hang a dog, you give it a bad name. It boils down to the cave mentality of the survival of the fittest. The same reason humans take humans as serfs or slaves to enhance their economic circumstances.

Historically, if Empires grow too big for too long they overextend their power and lose grip on conquered territories. Wars and defense by guerrilla tactics of the weaker countries they prey on has taken tolls over time. It is said that people deserve the leaders they get but most of them lack the remedy to recall or vote out the quagmire they found themselves in. Hello, Putin cannot be voted out!

The refugee crisis around the world has created right wing extremist parties and Nationalist leaders changing their policies and governments. Ukraine refugees, become magnanimous with open arms for Ukraine refugees. They have not extended the same warm welcome to all refugees that happen to be living in Ukraine regardless of their color or origin. They won’t welcome Afghanistan, Syrian and African refugees from Ukraine.

Nevertheless, if all countries throw their borders open, where would most of the masses gravitate? Most people around the world have made their choice about what type of political economy they want but vacillate between political parties that can deliver the maximum benefit from the economy. It is not a coincidence that some countries are trying to keep people inside by force while others are trying to keep migrants out by force.

In fairness to many Europeans and the International Human Rights organizations, they have been consistent. The invasion of Czechoslovakia, Hungry, Georgia or the British, Russian and American invasions of Iraq have been condemned by American author Michael Haas and people of conscience.


Farouk Martins Areas @oomoaresa

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