How to use vinegar in your beauty regime


Vinegar is such an important kitchen ingredient that almost every household has a bottle of it. If you think it is required only to be added while cooking noodles or in salads dressings, you will be surprised to know that vinegar has a number of uses other than this. When added to baking soda it becomes a cleaning agent, when mixed with salt, it acts as a potent disinfectant, and when mixed with sugar and ash, it works as a wonderful metal polish. But it is also a beauty agent and comes handy in a number of different ways. Have a look!
Soothes sunburn

Vinegar will help in restoring your skin’s pH levels, thereby soothing the pain and helping in healing fast. Add a cup of vinegar to your bath tub for a few days to see the result.

Treat acne

Apple cider vinegar is known to have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which help in protecting against germs and bacteria. Dab a little on the affected areas to keep the pimples and blemishes at bay.

Exfoliate skin

Vinegar contains alpha hydroxyl acid that removes the dead skin cells leaving it radiant and youthful.

Minimizes wrinkles

Regularly applying diluted vinegar on your skin helps in delaying of wrinkles and fine lines and removing the age spots.

Skin toner

Vinegar has astringent properties, which helps in increasing the blood flow to the skin and helps minimize the pores by regulating the pH level of your skin.

Hair rinse

Massage diluted vinegar into scalp, and leave on for about 10 minutes before rinsing. Due to presence of acetic acid in vinegar, it will get rid of residue from product buildup and give you a shiny and healthy hair.

Heal cracked heels

The combination of curd with vinegar helps in removing dead skin cells and fill the cracks due to antibacterial and moisturizing properties of curd.

DIY deodorant

The acid present in vinegar will help in minimizing body odor, and even prevent bacterial growth.

Soothe bug bites

Vinegar exhibits antiseptic and anti-fungal properties that help in neutralizing the itchiness and swelling caused by bug bites. Dab diluted vinegar on a cotton ball onto the affected area to get instant relief.

Anti-dandruff treatment

Mix together equal parts of water and vinegar. Wet your hair, and massage into your scalp before shampooing. The anti-fungal properties of vinegar will help in combating dandruff, and its acidic properties will balance your scalp’s pH levels.

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