How to Stop Being Shy Around Your Crush

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Love is the most complicated thing there is, the reason we’re so sensitive to it is because of how meaningful it is to us. When you have a crush on someone or you’ve just started dating a boy, it’s very common for people to feel shy and awkward, this can get frustrating when you want to be yourself and show them the real, fun you. Here are some tips to help you break the shyness around your bae:

1. First of all, if you’re still testing the waters and getting to know the guy, the first thing you should do is not pressure yourself that something serious is going to develop. Give yourself some space to start things out casual and slow, in order to make sure and really evaluate if he’s the one for you.

2. Building on the first tip, take the reins. Putting yourself in the mindset that you’re in control and you know your worth and what you want will help break the shyness because you won’t feel the need to over-impress. You’re having fun and getting to know him until you decide.

3. Go places you’re comfortable at. The environment you’re in can completely affect how you are around him. Especially in the beginning, you can see each other in group outings to take the edge off a little and reduce the conversation stress.

4. He’s seeing you because he’s interested, attracted to you and wants to get to know you. So that, in and of itself, should be a confidence boost. You should remind yourself that, it’s a two way thing, so you can let loose a little and be yourself around him.

5. If you trust him and you’re sure he’s the right guy for you, start talking about deep, meaningful and personal things right from the beginning. This ,for a lot of people, is very effective. Not holding back any part of you is a way that you and him can instantly get closer and develop stronger intimacy and understanding.

6. Further into the relationship, you should always keep in mind that communication and talking about everything is what gives your partnership closeness. When you feel like he knows every part of you, your personality and life, naturally the shyness fades away because there’s nothing you’re worried about revealing or showing him.

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