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How to have a great first date

First impressions always go a long way, wherever you are in life and whomsoever you meet. This is true for your body language, your choice of clothes, sometimes the colour of your outfit, any accessories but especially how you carry yourself. All this comes under the radar especially if you are on a date and trying to impress your probable significant other with all your moves.

Eventually, it’s all about leaving a lasting impression on someone and we must ensure it’s a good one. The kind they can tell stories about, whether it is your last first date or a learning for a future experience.

Here are some tips on how you can make a lasting impression on a first date.

First dates can be tricky sometimes, so without being too overpowering on your date, it’s always a nice move to know a little about who you’re meeting, the nature of their work, hobbies and interests among other things. Thanks to social media, this is easy to gauge so you’re in luck.

Pick up a smart outfit without looking like you’re trying too hard to be your best self. Remember that your physical appearance will amount to the first impression, so a decent dress/outfit with light makeup (if you’re a woman) is a must-do. Choose a perfume with fresh notes if you’re on a day date and go for a perfume with woody or floral notes for a sundowner or a dinner date.

Keeping it light-hearted: A good sense of humour always works. It’s been famously quoted that you can get a woman to do anything if you can make her laugh. Once again, be subtle, and avoid trying too hard. They always know when you are, even though they’re polite enough to not point it out.

Don’t be too stuck up: It’s not an interview. Loosen up a little, relax your jaw and don’t take yourself too seriously. Make eye contact followed by a good conversation to have that effect on your date instead.

Keep those compliments coming: It’s always nice to be nice. Kindness and a positive attitude goes a far longer way and believe it or not, it’ll take much lesser for someone to warm up to you. Ask them about their beliefs, speak about things that matter to you, and always listen. They’ll know when you’ve zoned out and it’s bad manners too.

Ask the right questions and use your words well: If you liked meeting them, let them know.

Use pleasantries like “it was great meeting you today”, “I had a great time with you today”, “Thanks for today, it was great”. This is an easy yet essential way to tell them you’re approachable and is a nice way to get them to ask you out again. It’s said that actions speak louder than words, but the right words are equally important.

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