How my wife beats me at will, man shares ordeal

Tired of hiding under his shell, a Nigerian man who has allegedly been a punching bag in the hands of his wife, has publicly shared his ordeal.

In a post shared on Facebook by social influencer Fegor Chime, the man who preferred anonymity said contrary to the popular believe that only women suffer domestic abuses, some men are also at the receiving end.

According to the man, his wife is bigger than him in stature and as such, has more strength than him.

He stated that he’s a gambler and whenever he loses, his wife beats him.

He wrote:

So many women complain of domestic abuse alot but it is not only women that face it in their house, some women also use to beat their husband but their husband will not come out and speak out because he will be shamd.

If you ask this question in the group, have you ever seen a woman beat her husband?? Share your experience, you’ll see it from people’s comments so I know I’m not the only one that his wife use to beat but because of shame, others will not talk so I’m here to talk on behalf of all the men, other men that their wife use to beat, please advise women to stop it because it is not good to beat a man who is the head of the house simply because I’m short, while my wife is big and tall, that’s why she beats me whenever I go and play bet9ja or come back home late, this same her that beats me because of bet9ja, the day I win money and buy suya, she will be happy and finish all the suya, you see?? When I complain about the beating, she will say I should endure, Is that not wickedness?? Please advise her and other women, thanks.

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