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How my step brother and uncle raped and threatened to kill me if I tell anyone – 23years old lady

A depressed 23-year-old Nigerian lady has taken to the public to seek counsel on how to restore sanity to herself after going through traumatic situations in the hands of her supposed guardians.

In a post shared by social influencer Amanda Chisom, the lady explained how she was raped by her uncle and step brother.

Tired and alarmed about her predicament, she’s currently seeking help of any kind to enable her rediscover her feet again.

She wrote:

My story will be long a bit but I will try and make it short.

This thing I’m about to say is a terrible experience and it happened 8 years ago. One of my uncles brought me to the city so he can train me in secondary school because my parents don’t have the money to send us to school, only my senior brother struggled and trained himself in secondary school. The rest of my siblings, none of them entered secondary school.

So I agreed to follow my uncle with joy that my dream of going to school has finally come through not knowing I am going to receive unforgettable mark and pain of my life in the city, getting to the city he made sure I entered school I was so happy and grateful to God.

My second month in the city I was just 12 years going to 13, one faithful night I was sleeping when I felt something holding my neck I thought I was dreaming not knowing it’s my uncle, he raped me till I fainted because when I woke up the next day the bed was soaked with blood and water😭😭😭😭😭I couldn’t go to school that day he called my class teacher that I am seriously sick and that I will resume after three days.
He warned me if I ever told anyone that he kill me and throw me into water and that my parents do not know where we are 😭😭😭😭😭I cried and called on to my God but He refuse to answer me.

The fourth day I resumed school I couldn’t hold my tears back, tears was just dropping on my eye, one of my class mate saw the tears she asked why I am crying I told her it is stomach pain 😭😭.

To cut the story short he continued doing it and I was dying slowly and some people noticed how I was drying up even how I walk changed 😭😭, I lost my mind and my mental health, I lost focus in school, my teacher will call him to tell him that I am not doing well in the class again because my teachers know me as brilliant girl, he replied them that if I fail he will return me to my parents, I was happy that at least I will be free from going through pain.

One day, my teacher encouraged me that whatever I might be going through I should try not to play with my education, I kept praying to God to come to my aid. I struggled till SS3 when I wrote my waec and I failed mathematics, I became so angry and I laid a serious curse on him, I drank Kerosine to die but no way 😭😭 .
My life became useless, Aunty Amanda my story is long 😭😭😭😭😭.

I told him I want to travel home since I am done with my school no need staying again but he refused.😭😭
Finally he accepted that I will travel home and I traveled 2016.

I didn’t tell my parents anything because I know they won’t do anything about it and secondly I was seriously angry with everybody around me .

My mommy started telling me about marriage that she want me to get married.
I started looking for way to end myself but anything I take does not work on me , I became helpless😭😭😭😭😭I thought of what to do nothing, I called my step brother staying in Lagos that I am coming to his place he accepted, my sister sold her goat and gave me 16k to travel back.
NB: she is married at 16😔😔.
So I traveled back to stay with my step brother thinking I will be safe in his hand too not knowing the devil sent my own people to destroy my life. First week, second week and third week I was still searching for work, I go waka from one place to another I no see work I will just go home and cry my self to sleep.
One afternoon my brother came back from his shop and I was laying in the parlor before I knew it someone was pulling my skirt, I shouted Jesus, I begged and cried no way he brought knife that he kill me and he forcefully had his way and left. Nobody to reach out to. I don’t even know anybody.
I ran out of his house with few of my clothes I slept in uncompleted building for two days , one day I came out from the building I saw a lady ran to her crying that I need help, I assured her that I am not a bad girl but life has chosen to be unfair to me 😭with tears in my eyes and she started crying too , she took me to their house her mother is aged already.

She asked about my parents I told her they are dead 😭😭. I behaved abnormally and she will ask what is wrong with me I will tell her nothing but I wasn’t fine . I stayed with her from October 2016 to December 2018

I traveled home because I had a dream where my father is dying because of me and the news was that I was lost.

I have struggled to be fine but no way and I keep falling everyday of my life, I don’t know what to do with my life right now . Nobody to encourage me, no helper and my parents are not helping matters at all.

Please I need advice
I need help please
I’m just 23.

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