How my pastor slept with me, claimed his sperms are holy to break my spiritual marriage – wife confesses

392 views | Stanley Ugagbe | April 13, 2021

A troubled married woman has admitted to have slept with her pastor who claimed that his sperms are holy and could break her spiritual marriage.

Celebritiesbuzz reports that the woman, whose identity was not revealed, disclosed the development in a message she sent to HITZ FM presenter, Tima Kumkum.

She wrote:

For security reasons, I will keep my name and church anonymous. Please, I have been married for four years and we’ve been trying to conceive but to no avail.

We went to the hospital, doctor says we’re both okay but my husband started getting worried so he complained to his spiritual father who happens to be the head pastor of where we fellowship.

And the man asked to see me alone which my husband agreed.

…when I went, this man told me I have a spiritual marriage but the only way to break it is for him to sleep with me because the spirits dealing with me are very strong.

At that moment, I just didn’t know what to say and he told me my husband shouldn’t know about it because the demons fighting me are from his house.

It gave me sleepless nights and he told me he has to break it before I can even get pregnant with my husband…and we had only 14 days to do that.

So finally, because I seriously wanted a baby for my husband, I finally agreed and we met at a private guest house.

I disguised myself with a nose mask, a cape and a sunglass and he did same.

…whiles this man was making love to me, he was praying with anointing oil and he didn’t protect himself.

When I asked, he said his sperms are holy and that it will fight the spiritual battles so I kept quiet and went on.

I felt guilty, I really wanted to tell my husband but the pastor says I should never let him know.

…last month, I missed my period and went to see the doctor and I was told I am 6 weeks pregnant.

Now, I don’t know what to do cos I can’t tell if it’s my husband or my pastor.

Because that day the pastor slept with me, when I got home, that same evening, my husband also slept with me.

Please what should I do? I am devastated.


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