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How my boyfriend, his friend connived for money ritual – Nigerian Lady

A befuddled Nigerian Lady has alerted the public on how her ex boyfriend and his friend connived to do money ritual because of the harsh economic reality.

In a post shared on Facebook by social influencer Amanda Chisom, the lady, while revealing how she found out the egregious development, warned ladies to beware of the kind of guys they follow.

She wrote:

This advice is to ladies who are married and still contact or keep their ex around them. I met a young guy who approached me for a relationship, I accepted because we were childhood friends and still friends when he asked me to date him. After a few months of dating he lost his phone so I had to give him my other phone.. my finger unlock was still active on the phone so one faithful morning I slept over his place and I decided to do some investigating while he was in the kitchen preparing his breakfast for work that morning, what I saw was shocking and scary..
Oga and his close friend were discussing on how to make quick and big money, the friend suggested they visit a herbalist that can do a ritual ceremony for them to make money because their salaries wasn’t enough anymore because of d rise of things and rents.. which they did but his friend was asked to sleep with his blood sister while my ex then boyfriend was asked to sleep with a married woman, hmm.. come and see discussion.

J(as my ex), your own easy now that your ex girlfriend wey marry, abi she calls and says she misses you just put her on call and invite her over then finish ur work… k(as his friend) see wetin baba say make I do my only sister, I no know if she go die after I sleep with her or she go be imbecile….
We ladies must be very disciplined in our relationships or marriages not to be a victim… ladies that are not married early, see and meet a lot on their journey till they get settled..

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