How have we Fallen – From Grace to Greed to War

There will be another war! This time the Hausa farmers will be liberated from the clenched fists of the minority Fulani Ragu “developers” and they will be driven back by all provoked Nigerians to where Dan Fodio came from. They have been put in their place in Niger, Chad and Ghana. But Fulani have an advantage in Nigeria since the Hausa majority have been subjugated through religion. Without indoctrination of Hausa with religious opium, Fulani minority are powerless.  Since ancient Mali, Dogon have subdued Fulani pastoral herdsmen infiltrating into their farms.

Fulani Ragu Government developers unlike other countries in desertification, is using religion as ethnicity to capture more land by share greed. Greed is the motive of any group furrowing into others’ land. We must face the issue of greed behind ethnic clashes in Africa. It has more to do with greed to power for political dominance by land grabbers. So, they battle within countries while the leaders and their cronies feed on the spoil of war as most of us get poorer.


Ragu “developers” never learn from the destruction of the past, this time they are back again threatening and provoking the whole Country with herdsmen. We all know these herdsmen could not afford to buy AK-41 guns to direct their cows. They do not even own the cows, the wealthy Hausa/Fulani wannabe own the cows and supplied them with guns and ammunition. They have more land but rear cows all over the Country destroying farmlands and kidnapping.

Powerful leaders behind these mayhems against Middle Belt and Southerners are sponsored by Hausa/Fulani Ruga “developers”. Each time the Fulani lose their head by monopolizing security power in order to gain land and keys to the treasury, they create Boko Haram or Maitatmasine. They swear to overwhelm the South as if they have monopoly to arms and ammunition readily available to willing buyers at the world market. So, Dogon taught pastoral Fulani lessons in Mali.

Defend yourself is a signal from their old repented Middle Belt and Southern enablers, meaning a word is enough for the wise. The Middle Belt and the South must be ready for a war by RUGA developers to liberate our fellow Hausa Nigerians from the subjugation of the Fulani/Hausa half breed leaders. You cannot be Hausa/Fulani. You are either Fulani or Hausa, the choice is yours but the Northern land belong to the Hausa and the minorities therein, not Fulani.

Muhamadu Buhari, the current President has more Hausa blood in him than Fulani but would die for Fulani dynasty over his Hausa heritage. The religious opium is so powerful it affects the Hausa in the North as well as the Christian converts in the South. When an Hausa man look at his fellow Hausa or a Christian and swear that they are Kaferi that deserve death, you know foreign religious opium is at work.

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