Hilarious Traits That Shows Your Mother Is a Nigerian

There is something about Nigerian mothers that make them very interesting. The traits they display most times sometimes make us wonder if they all attended one secret school. There was a time a mother displayed one attitude that got me annoyed but when I told a friend about it, her reply left me dumbfounded. She said, “Well, that’s Nigerian mothers for you”. She went ahead and gave me examples of how her mother does the same thing I just complained about.

Honestly, it’s like these set of creatures think and act the same. Well, I took my time, did a lot of observation and came up with these traits in case you are confused as to your mother’s nationality. If you find out displaying any of these traits, be rest assured that she is a Nigerian

  1. After University graduation, they freak out if you are yet to get married;

Ladies are always at the receiving end of this trait. The moment we step out of the university, it’s like the next achievement on our plate according to our mothers is to get married. I can’t count the number of times my mother has asked me, “When are you bringing a man home?” “Don’t you want to get married?” or made statements like, “I can’t wait to see my grandchild”. There was a day my mum told me that as a lawyer if I don’t get married as quickly as possible, it would get to a point where men wouldn’t fancy me anymore because my success would intimidate them. I think this was what got me pissed that I had to complain to my friend. Well, I think as a lady, it takes a tough skin not to bend to the pressure.

  1. They compare you with other kids in the neighborhood;

This is also another annoying trait Nigerian mothers have. As children, we experienced this a lot. In everything we did, we were always compared with the child living next door. For example, if you were always playing or hanging out with friends but this kid in the neighborhood was always indoors, reading; your mother would often make statements like, “What else can you do aside eating my food and playing? Don’t you see how Obi is always reading his book? Does he have two heads?”

In a way, these comparisons might mess with our self esteems. Our mothers fail to understand how unique everyone is.

  1. They are gurus at sending WhatsApp broadcast messages;

I don’t know if there is anything else my mother does whenever she logs in to Whatsapp other than sending a broadcast message. My chat with her is filled with messages predicting an impending doom if I fail to send the message to someone else. Sometimes I can’t believe she is passing the message around with a strong faith.

  1. They are prayer warriors;

I have not come across a Nigerian mother who doesn’t have Jesus as a best friend. Every midnight, they pray in tongues and cast out demons. They believe there is no problem prayers won’t solve. Funny thing is, most of us don’t pay attention to our spiritual life and hardly pray. So, we should rather be thankful that we have mothers who would devote their time praying for us.

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