Hallelujah! Christ is risen, what next?

Jarlath Opara

Jarlath Opara

Get moving! Staying at a spot or relishing events, memories or successes achieved should not be over stretched. Nothing lasts forever. The joy of life isn’t in the success or progress made, rather in the sustainance and replication of such daily.

Success or progress attained to without a build up , a sustainance or an improvement gets obsolete, lost and forgotten soon. As always said , “I get am before no be property”

As the blessing of God is new every morning so should ones progression and breaking of grounds be new every morning too. No dull moment, “no start to reboot or reboot to start”

Most times, our albatross, comes from a mindset that dwells comfortably in old frontiers, relaxing in old ground broken, looks so complacent with trophies won and brandishing unending, the glory of years of success achieved.

Each success or progress made in life, calls for a new dimension of them .Life does not hold a particular success to high esteem for a long while. Nothing new, nothing to celebrate, Fail to update!, Fail to improve!! Life leaves one, looking for greener and more recent things to celebrate. Always on the move no dull moments.

Forty days isn’t a walk in the park, isn’t also a tea party. Energy gone, determination greatly deployed, self control and self denial largely put to use. The race was done and the marathon completed with the dawn of Easter, the shouting of Halleujah!! the song of resurrection and liberation, the need to move on, thinking how best to sustain the steam and tempo of ones spiritual gains should be the agenda.

There should be no dull moment, no complacency, no over celebration, no holding too firmly the gains and progress made, moving on and looking for ways of creating more spiritual gains, consistently as one lives should be the passion , “i get am before no be property”

This year’s Lenten season and Easter celebrations are gone, looking forward to 2023 version of them could be counterproductive.

Don’t look forward to anything, walk and work towards it daily, making the celebration and its spiritual feelings a daily thing not a yearly sizzling.

It is only those who are ready to look at the rugged cross, comfortable to walk on the ancient path of the calvary. Nothing goes through that path and still remains alive to the intrigues and manipulations of the flesh.

Each time I listen to the lyrics of the Old Rugged Cross my mind is always torn apart.

We have one Cross or the other to carry each day of our life, until we pass unto glory, how rugged is this Cross? Leading us to the ancient part? Or luring and enticing one to the world order?

At the calvary, three crosses stood, the rugged cross at the centre while others at each of the sides.

On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross

The emblem of suffering and shame

And I love that old cross where the dearest and best

For a world of lost sinners was slain

So I’ll cherish the old rugged cross (rugged cross)

Till my trophies at last I lay down

I will cling to the old rugged cross

And exchange it some day for a crown.

Like on the calvary, we have with us crosses that are not the rugged one. Sadly many are burdened and weighed down by the weight of all other crosses but the rugged one.

Whatever one is doing that does not reflect the profession of “So I’ll cherish the old rugged cross (rugged cross)

Till my trophies at last I lay down

I will cling to the old rugged cross

And exchange it some day for a crown”then, one may afterall be carrying the other crosses.

Looking unto the old rugged cross would make one to be focused and consistent, not faltering and wavering and not being distracted by the enticement the other crosses present daily.

Ones gaze should be consistent on the rugged cross, it might be challenging, demanding and sacrificial, but the end is always an halleujah.

As Christ rose over 2000 years ago, remembering such a defining moment of our Christian journey shouldn’t be like a fry in the pan, rather one that is at all time gathering momentum to fight the wiles and distractions of the other crosses.

Shout your Halleujah songs! Sing your “Obiligo”, choruse your “He has risen” , but let your gaze not be off the rugged cross until you exchange such with a crown.

Everyday brings one closer to ones crown. It is a race, it is a journey with a destination.

Falling by the way side is off it, though it happens, being a seasonal sprinter is not like it, running so fast with an amazing speed and relapsing thereafter makes the distance gained to diminish and valueless making the whole effort counterproductive.

Better slow and steady than swift and fast in inconsistencies, the later oftentimes our challenge.

Happy Easter! Let this greeting be a song in our mouth everyday not a seasonal greeting with cosmetic piety.

There should be a mark of resurrection in ones life daily , while looking steadily on the rugged cross, for a refilling for each day’s task and trials.



Jarlath Opara

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