Good Friday: Clergyman Hopeful Nigeria’s Dark Days will End in Victory for Those Who Believe

Venerable Onyeagbusi

The significance of Good Friday for Christians the worldover, is that it marks the beginning of the journey to the cross by Jesus Christ through which he bought salvation for mankind.

This is according to Venerable Jason Onyeakagbusi, the archdeacon in charge of Mgbakwu Archdeaconry, and Vicar, St Stephens Anglican Church, Mgbakwuwho spoke to TNC correspondent in Anambra on the essence of Good Friday.

Good Friday in Christendom falls within the Holy Week, during which the passion of Jesus Christ is reflected on.

In contrast to its name, the event marks the day Jesus was crucified on the cross, died and was buried, casting a shadow of uncertainty on the belief of Christians.

But according to the Venerable Onyeakagbusi, the event is tagged ‘good’ because through Christ’s death, the hope of Christianity and salvation was made manifest.

He said the death of Christ represents freedom for all from all debts.

“What Good Friday stands for in the life of Christians are enormous but let me say that Jesus accomplished His mission on the Good Friday through His death on the cross.

“It was the death on the cross that accomplished the reason for which God sent Him. In the first place, He took human form by incarnation from the Virgin Mary and was made man. He then died on the cross to pay our debts and that was why He said on the cross that ‘it is finished’.

“This means that every debt we owe God or any other thing is completely paid.

“So, on Good Friday, Jesus brought freedom to all of us. That’s why we call it Good Friday, even though it was a day someone died, because that was the day over 200 years ago at Calvary, he paid our debts and redeemed us unto God.

“That is why the Bible said ‘whoever the Son of Man has set free is free indeed,” he said.

Venerable Onyeagbusi emphasized that for Christians, there must be a time when they will die, to be able to resurrect unto joy.

He noted that what Nigeria is passing through presently is its own good Friday, describing it as a dark time for the country.

“Look at what we are going through now- economic hardship, naira swap, fuel scarcity, no food, no money. It was a time of severe hardship for the average Nigerian.

“So, what Nigeria is going through is its own good Friday and we are looking forward to when we shall be ushered into the Easter of our lives. No Good Friday, No Easter.

“That’s why we say, ‘through the cross, to the crown.’

So everyone must learn to experience their good Friday, after which they will be ushered to the joy of Easter,” Onyeakagbusi posited.

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