Go all out and toast any man you like, Aisha Yesufu advises ladies

Rights Activist Aisha Yesufu has urged single ladies to set pride aside and toast any man they have interest in.

According to a statement shared on Facebook by social influencer Amanda Chisom, Yesufu said long gone are the days where women wait for men to woo them, urging women to “go there and ask him yourself”.

She opined that it is not wise for a woman to be ageing and still will not make the move to woo a man she likes.

She said:

“Go there and toast him yourself.

Women nowadays snatch married man from their wives…there is nothing wrong whosoever snatching a single man to yourself.

Ladies sit down clocking 30, 40 and going over 50 while waiting for a man to come and ask them out or ask them for relationship. You can start one!

A woman can propose to a man and tell him I want to marry you, there is nothing wrong about that…let’s keep pride away. Go there and ask him yourself. Even if you are older than him, it won’t spoil anything because marriage is a serious business so you shouldn’t be waiting for “anyone that calls me” until a mad-Man shows up for you. Show interest in and possibly push on whom you like or love…not when another woman or your friends take whom you love, you start crying and being unnecessarily jealous.

Gone are those days ma’am!

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