Gender inclusive dolls to accommodate all kids preferences

625 views | Peters Okwudili | September 26, 2019

Children’s toy manufacturer Mattel has launched a new line of “gender inclusive” dolls which it says are “free of labels” not identifiable as either “boy” or “girl.”

Toy manufacturers Mattel launched the line of customisable dolls called “Creatable World” on Wednesday (September 25). The dolls feature combinations of outfits and hairstyles that give the option of breaking away from gender stereotypes reports Reuters

Kids can create their own characters by selecting from a variety of wig lengths and can choose to dress their doll in trousers and/or skirts. “Creatable World” features six different dolls of varying skin tones and each comes with two hairstyle options and a variety of outfits.

All Mattel dolls are sexless (they have no visible reproductive organs—for obvious reasons). But the dolls are gendered; Barbie wears makeup and dresses, Ken wears jeans. For designers, gender neutrality meant creating faces without makeup and providing a diverse sartorial color palette says Yahoo

Source: Reuters

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