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EQUALITY will not solve the problem but EQUITY will do just that because even nature didn’t make man and woman equal especially in the home front.

When I started talking about equity, many people including women who felt I was fighting them saw no reasons with me. Just this year, I got an email from access bank inviting customers for a seminar where they will talk about EQUITY. I smiled.

Today, I wish to speak up on the issue of ‘submission’(a concept that has it’s long term connection to Apostle Paul’s writing in the Scripture) in marriage.

Submission is yielding completely to a higher authority. Has it worked in marriage ? Yes. Can it still work ? Yes. However, laws, rules are amended to suit times and seasons.

Many people have held the word submission so tightly to their chest; men and women alike merely because it was a term used in the religious book(the Bible).

I have always been open and vocal about my stance on issues regarding religion and it’s influence on humanity even in the presence of my priest.

Earlier than two thousand years ago, women were not counted during census. That was the era when the writers of the scripture existed.

I have said before now to people close to me that the only problem I have with religious books and it’s application is the fact that many people are so comfortable with the fact that it will be wrong to review some of the contents and rules made for people who lived as slaves and exposures that are less than what we have today.

Every other book of science, politics and laws that affect humanity are usually reviewed when better knowledge is acquired but we are admonished continue to use a book written thousands of years ago, unreviewed because it was inspired by God. I will continue to ask if science books was inspired by Me and not God.

It is retrogressive to say the least to hold on to an opinion of a man who lived in the Stone Age as sacrosanct.

I have a dream that one day, Bible scholars will do the needful.

‘Submission’ is fast becoming a wrong semantic in a 21st century generation.

I tell you the truth and I lie not, Apostle Paul would not use a wrong semantic if he lived in this era.

Respect for each other will never go wrong. Just like equity will consider each other’s weakness.

A man is the leader of the home and all he actually needs to have a successful home is for the followers to accord him the utmost respect.

I have before now written what I feel about home leadership where I stated expressly that as much as we have chosen ‘religiously’ that men remain the leaders, we have to keep in view that it is difficult to follow a bad leader. It is also not proper to let a bad leader lead even when an assumed follower would do a better leading job.

I am sure we will all agree that a life not examined is not worth living. What is the need of submission over respect except one is married to a robot(slave whose opinion shouldn’t count)or a bully with inferiority complex. Times have changed so much. We should change too to accommodate all.
Partnership requires that two people will agree for they can’t work together unless they agree.

Submission as a word may need some review. It doesn’t reflect equity.

Lastly, our tradition and religion are linked. All these review may hold no water if a young man continues to pay a price to have a bride.

Uche Azubuine.

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