French Open: Naomi Osaka And Her Fear Of Self-Doubt

Women’s world number 2 in lawn tennis, Naomi Osaka is undoubtedly a champion as can be attested by her grand slam trophies and other minor ones along the way. She has won almost every gland slam including the US Open, Wimbledon an Australian Open. Yet the French Open trophy continues to elude her and questions have been cast on her class on the clay court.

The French Open began during the weekend and all eyes were on her to see how she progresses through the various stages of the competition. She didn’t disappoint her fans this time like at the previous ones where she gets knocked out at the early stage.

Having won the match, she was expected to attend a post-match press conference, alas, she was nowhere to be found. She said this was due to the fact that such conferences after losing a match only created self-doubt in her mind and had a mental toll on her.

The issue is that this time she won. So why did she not attend the conference? Integrity maybe.


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