For over three years, my husband doesn’t eat my food, denies me sex – Woman seeks divorce

Stanley Ugagbe

Stanley Ugagbe

A divorce-seeking Nigerian woman has taken to the public to lament over her predicament and also seek the counsel of her online in-laws.

In a post shared on Facebook by social influencer Fegor Chime, the troubled woman said for over three years, her husband doesn’t eat her food.

To add salt to her injury, she said the man doesn’t perform his bedroom duties, leaving her sex starved.

She wrote:

Kindly advise me as your sister and daughter, I married my husband a virgin. When I finished my waec in 2016, we met and he paid everything on my head, in 2018, we have 2 children now and I will be 24 years by March, since I got pregnant for my first child, I only have sex once with hubby till when I put to bed although is CS.
After that, till now I cannot count how many times he has slept with me, okay this our second child now once I’m pregnant no more sex from day one till 9 months, I am very Beautiful and attractive, neat and always looking sharp, some men are even stopping and asking me for friendship without knowing that I’m married.
The problem now is that he will bring money for feeding, buy ‘heaven and earth’ but when I finish cooking he won’t eat, for over 3 years now since 2019 till now, I know how to cook all delicacies, we can stay like 1 year in this same bed he won’t touch me, if I try touching him he will back the wall or leave the room to the palour till day break.
Now I want to divorce him for good, yes I have made up my mind, how can I bear without sex like this, for how long, this night I asked him to go and sign divorce for me he did not say anything, if I finish cooking I will end up filling my dustbin with the food, hmmmm I don’t know where all this is coming from I’m tired, you cannot believe since January last year 2021 till this new year he has not had sex with me, and because I did not flex life before marrying him is not affecting me much, when I complained to my mum she will say she don’t know what to say in this case because she is a woman, I’m tired, I want to look for happiness somewhere, please just advice me because I’m leaving before Easter to my parents house and leave my first child for him and take the one I’m still breastfeeding with me.

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