Fight Against Systemic Racism: We’re in Solidarity with Black Communities, Coalition Says

The Green Economy Coalition says it is standing in solidarity with black communities in the US, the UK, Europe, and around the world in the fight against systemic racism, social marginalisation and economic inequality.

The Coalition makes bridges between business, civil society and government. It stimulates debate, dissent and dialogue as well as build collective positions with its members. 

‘’We tell the stories of change. We track the transition. We bust economic myths. We champion the voice of the excluded. We challenge the status quo. We hold decision-makers to account’’, it says.

In response to the death in police custody of George Floyd, cities around the world have seen protests demanding an end to police brutality and institutional racism.

‘’We encourage our community to donate, to sign petitions calling for justice for all those killed as a result of racist violence, and to engage on a local level to mend a broken system.

‘’As a coalition, we will continue to promote and amplify the voices of those who have been marginalised and ignored, and we are committed to using our networks to achieve racial, social, and economic justice’’, the group said.


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