Femi Falana: The Thurgood Marshall, Johnnie Cochran, Ben Crump of Nigeria

Femi Falana has established himself as a sought-after lawyer dealing with high-profile police brutality and human rights violation cases involving the Nigerian community. Falana, an Ekiti State born Nigerian is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

The Falana law firm has built and maintained its reputation as a leading civil rights law firm by successfully representing hundreds of people who were injured and/or killed by police.

As the chief defense lawyer, he has obtained verdicts and settlements worth hundreds of Millions of naira for victims of police misconduct and has successfully represented people of all social economic status all over the country.

He has fought for and obtained justice on behalf of police shooting victims, beating victims, false arrest victims and those who have been wrongfully convicted.

An outstanding trial lawyer, civil libertarian, and philanthropist throughout Nigeria. His name stands out as a Nigerian trial lawyer who has gained international prominence with his skillful defense in the mouths of domicile and diaspora Nigerians.

As a lawyer and civil rights activist, Falana strives to protect the rights of all. When he speaks, he displays a fresh, passionate voice and remains a champion of civil rights.

On a psychological level, he detests the Nigeria’s two-tiered justice system where the poor and the rich receive different justice outcomes. He believes that no one should suffer from police brutality which happens when officers use unwarranted force or threats when questioning, investigating, arresting, or transporting a suspect.

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