Man needs ‘light’ to live

And should be bright that which he gives

So he doesn’t fall

Nor for him should any fall


The moon hides among the stars

they fear not to shine, ignorance not fair

Man thinks; “again the seasons change”

ignorance so fair


Hitler’s bones lies in peace

Babies becoming refugees,

The fair and dark judge of mortality


Sun everywhere shines, men build dungeons

Terrible man and his fear,

hides light from his peers,

fear somewhat fair


Slaves survive famines

Nobles die in no time

Time seems fair

Fair!? Time will tell


With his life the poor beckons wealth

With wealth the other schemes for life

And happening is almost held

in the courtroom of transiting time

Let the jury of flying wishes be fair


Men see, how, and why shall we judge nature

Man listen

Be fair and unborn or unborn and fair,

or be man, truthful in ignorance and knowledge,

And be sorry for the darkness you may share

For soon light shall shine everywhere

Pray, play – with love

Pray, God is fair

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